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EP 248 – Setting Ministry Goals with Brandon Moore

Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp
EP 248 - Setting Ministry Goals with Brandon Moore

In this episode, we return to the boot camp with Brandon Moore, now settled in Knoxville, Tennessee, after completing his residency in Colorado. Brandon shares his replanting journey and the lessons learned from the Calvary family of churches, emphasizing the importance of a shepherd-first mentality. The discussion focuses on the significance of spirit-led goal setting in ministry, addressing whether goal setting is unspiritual and highlighting the necessity of intentionality, accountability, and involving others in the process.

Key areas for goal setting include leadership, ecclesiology, and missiology, along with celebrating small wins to maintain morale.

00:00 Welcome Back to the Boot Camp

00:14 Brandon Moore’s Replanting Journey

01:29 Lessons from Colorado

03:11 The Importance of Goal Setting in Ministry

04:06 Is Goal Setting Unspiritual?

09:36 Benefits of Goal Setting

15:32 Types of Goals for Pastors

23:52 Final Thoughts and Prayers

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EP 247 – Replanting when The Mission Field Changes with Frederick Clement

Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp
EP 247 - Replanting when The Mission Field Changes with Frederick Clement

In this episode of the Replant Bootcamp, we are joined by Fred Clement from One Family Church in Dayton, Ohio, who shares his experiences and challenges in replanting a church. Fred talks about the transition from Meadowdale Baptist Church to One Family Church, the importance of engaging the community, and maintaining relationships established by the previous congregation. He also addresses the cultural and demographic shifts within the community and how they have impacted the church. Fred emphasizes intentional evangelism and creating a culture that aligns with the mission of God. Listeners will also hear about Fred’s personal journey and strategies for leading a diverse congregation through challenging times.

00:00 Introduction to Replant Bootcamp

00:21 Meet Fred Clement

01:11 The Journey to One Family Church

06:06 Challenges in Replanting

13:02 Engaging the Community

21:56 Navigating Cultural Dynamics

26:30 Prayer and Closing Remarks

EP 243 – Navigating Life as a Replant Family

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EP 246 – Redeeming Your Time with Jordan Raynor

Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp
EP 246 - Redeeming Your Time with Jordan Raynor
In this episode, we are joined by Jordan Raynor, author of ‘Redeeming Your Time.‘ We dive into why Raynor wrote the book, emphasizing its unique Christian approach to time management and productivity.
Raynor discusses how the Gospel provides a different foundation for these topics, highlighting the importance of learning from Jesus Christ’s example.
JimBo shares personal experiences on how the book has transformed his ministry and family life, focusing on being present and purposeful. The episode also offers practical steps for pastors to improve their time management, including commitment tracking systems and managing digital distractions. Raynor concludes by emphasizing the significance of time stewardship as a biblical command.
00:00 Introduction and Special Guest Announcement
00:41 Why Write ‘Redeeming Your Time’?
01:36 The Gospel’s Approach to Time Management
04:00 Personal Struggles with Time Management
07:02 Defining Productivity in Ministry
14:16 Commitment Tracking System
21:05 Practical Tips for Managing Distractions
26:33 Conclusion and Prayer

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EP 245 – Parenting with Core Values with Special Guest Audrea Stewart

Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp
EP 245 - Parenting with Core Values with Special Guest Audrea Stewart

My wife, Audrea, joins me again to discuss parenting strategies focused on core values. JimBo and Audrea share their experiences of raising their three children with guiding principles such as respect, integrity, self-control, and joyfulness.

They describe how these values shape their family identity and parenting approach, including influences from mentors and brain science-backed literature. The conversation also covers the importance of modeling behavior, spiritual discipleship, and the significance of maintaining consistency between spoken beliefs and daily actions.

The episode emphasizes the long-term impact of instilling a strong family identity and the practical application of core values in everyday life.

01:25 Diving Into Core Values and Parenting Strategies
02:47 The Genesis of Our Core Values
06:23 Character Development and Family Identity
08:22 Implementing Core Values in Daily Life
15:04 The Importance of Modeling Behavior
23:55 Seeking Mentorship and Discipling Others
26:47 Concluding Thoughts on Family Identity and Core Values

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EP 244 – California Replanting: A Replanting Conversation with Michael Denton

Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp
EP 244 - California Replanting: A Replanting Conversation with Michael Denton

Revival and Community Engagement: Replanting with Pastor Michael Denton

In this episode, we conversate with Michael Denton, a surfer pastor and replanter from First Baptist Church in Nipomo, California. Michael shares his replanting journey, emphasizing the importance of relationships, community engagement, and strategic discipleship. He delves into his personal and pastoral experiences, offering valuable insights for those considering replanting. We discuss the roles of mentors, coaches, friends, and counselors, and how these relationships have supported his ministry. Michael also highlights his family’s involvement in the church, particularly his son’s leadership and discipleship efforts. We wrap up with essential prayer requests for his ministry and community revival.

00:00 Welcome to the Episode: Introducing Michael Denton
00:05 Michael Denton’s Journey to Replanting in California
01:47 The Challenges and Triumphs of Three Years in Ministry
02:33 Advice for New Replanters: Mentorship and Community Engagement
05:43 Cultivating Love and Service in the Community
13:30 Discipleship and Family: Leading by Example
22:03 Closing Thoughts and Prayers for Replanters

EP 243 – Navigating Life as a Replant Family

Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp
EP 243 - Navigating Life as a Replant Family

The Stewe Krewe joins us this week to share their experiences and insights from their experience growing up in a replant.

The discussion covers the challenges and blessings of moving for ministry, the importance of family bonding, advice for pastors on spending quality time with their families, and the unique perspectives of the children as pastor’s kids. They emphasize the value of creating core family values, the impact of ministry on family life, and the crucial balance between church responsibilities and family relationships.

00:00 Introducing the Stew Krewe: A Family Affair
00:49 The Big Move: From New Orleans to Jacksonville
01:24 Adjusting to New Beginnings and Challenges
02:05 Kids’ First Memories of the Replant in Jacksonville
04:26 Advice for Pastors from the Family Perspective
06:45 Family Time: Building Bonds and Making Memories
09:53 Advice for Replant Pastors’ Kids: Being an Example and Helping Out
17:16 Nostalgic Tales from the Church
17:32 Favorite Childhood Memories
18:32 The Challenges and Joys of Church Replanting
19:48 The Best and Worst Parts of Having Kids in a Replant
20:23 Dealing with Negativity in Ministry
22:10 Embracing Imperfection and Authenticity
22:52 The Hardest Part of Being a Pastor’s Wife
24:42 Raising Kids with Core Values
25:49 Final Thoughts on Parenting and Family Values

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EP 242 – Developing a Powerful Praying Church with Rick Fisher

Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp
EP 242 - Developing a Powerful Praying Church with Rick Fisher

Cultivating a Powerful Prayer Life in Ministry

This week, Rick Fisher of Blackaby Ministries joins us on the Bootcamp to talk about prayer. I would recommend grabbing a copy of the book that he wrote with Richard Blackaby that we discuss in this episode: Developing a Powerful Praying Church

You should also join JimBo and Rick at the Revive event in OH later this month.

Rick discusses the significance of prayer in both personal life and the life of a church, emphasizing creating a culture of prayer within the church community. He talks about the challenges and importance of prayer and its foundational role in ministry. He offers practical advice for pastors and ministry leaders on enriching their prayer life and encouraging a praying culture within their congregations. The discussion includes personal anecdotes, biblical insights, and practical steps for deepening one’s prayer life and fostering a prayerful atmosphere in church settings.

00:00 Welcome to the Boot Camp: Introducing Rick Fisher
01:51 The Challenge of Creating a Culture of Prayer in Churches
02:54 Reviving Personal and Corporate Prayer Practices
06:31 The Power of Prayer: Transforming Leadership and Congregations
16:04 Practical Steps for Enhancing Prayer Life in Ministry
24:16 Closing Thoughts and Prayer for Listeners

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EP 240 – Falling in Love with Jesus (again) with David Jackson

Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp
EP 240 - Falling in Love with Jesus (again) with David Jackson

In this episode of our bootcamp series, we have the pleasure of hosting Dr. David Jackson from the replant team, who brings over 45 years of experience in ministry, spanning church planting, pastoring, church revitalization, replanting, and teaching. Dr. Jackson discusses the importance of spiritual renewal in church revitalization, emphasizing soul care for leaders and congregations, and the necessity of reclaiming a primary love for Jesus to foster thriving communities. He shares insightful personal experiences and highlights the significance of relationships with God, each other, and our communities as foundational to our identities as Christians.

Dr. Jackson also outlines common obstacles to spiritual renewal, including busyness, personal preferences, pride, and unaddressed sin, offering biblical prescriptions for churches and leaders to return to their first love by remembering, repenting, and renewing their commitment to Christ. The discussion concludes with a prayer for listeners to draw closer to the heart of God and a call for church leaders to lead by example in cultivating a passionate relationship with Christ.

00:00 Welcome to the Bootcamp: Introducing Dr. David Jackson
00:25 Dr. David Jackson’s Journey in Ministry
03:02 The Heart of Church Revitalization: Spiritual Renewal
06:48 The Importance of Renewal Starting with the Pastor
10:21 Identifying and Addressing Drift from the First Love
14:06 Practical Steps Towards Renewal and Revitalization
18:39 Challenges in the Journey of Renewal
24:28 Closing Prayer and Reflections

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EP 239 – Hitting the Healthy Church Target with Brandon Moore

Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp
EP 239 - Hitting the Healthy Church Target with Brandon Moore

In this episode of the Replant Bootcamp, we reconnect with Brandon, a former guest and a recent addition to the Replant team, who shares his journey from working with the Missouri Baptist Convention to joining the Replant team and moving towards replanting a church in Knoxville, Tennessee. Brandon discusses his experience and insights on church revitalization and replanting in Missouri, emphasizing the strategic role of associational leaders and state convention leaders in catalyzing church movement within their states.

He highlights the critical need for strong leadership and healthy church structures, focusing on the three identities of the church (worshipers of God, family in Christ, and missionaries to the world), foundational elements (Gospel, Scripture, and Prayer), and structural aspects (leadership, membership, and discipleship) essential for church health.


00:00 Welcome Back to the Bootcamp!
00:54 Introducing Brandon: A Journey from Missouri to Replant Team
01:11 Brandon’s Personal and Professional Shifts
02:10 The Mission in Knoxville: Replanting with a Vision
05:25 The Importance of Church Health and Identity
11:28 Defining Church Health: Identities, Foundations, and Structures
23:53 Practical Steps for Church Revitalization and Replanting
27:35 Closing Prayer for Healthy, God-Glorifying Churches

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