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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

Hey there Bootcampers! Summer is well under way, Bob and Jimbo have been taking some down time to renew and refresh, but they have some great content ready for you. In this second installment of Ministry Maxims they highlight some important shifts for pastors to consider as they lead.

One of the first steps is to re-evaluate your score card (especially during summer.)

Maxim #4: Measuring Actions vs. Counting Outcomes:

  • How many gospel conversations are your people your having on a regular basis? (Shout-out to Jason Lawson on his April 3rd Post) Identifying new things to count: Reggie McNeal
  • Celebrate the activity (actions) done unto the accomplishment of the vision or the goal

Maxim #5: Multiple financial streams vs. single financial streams

  • Resourcing mission and ministry may require more than tithes and offerings
  • The people of God are called to resource the mission and ministry God has called your church to fulfill
  • Here is a great resource for thinking through the development of additional economic streams: The Coming Revolution in Church Economics


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EP 192 – Ministry Maxims pt 1 of 3

Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp
EP 192 - Ministry Maxims pt 1 of 3

Hey bootcampers! In this episode, we’re talking about shifting our mindset from focusing on the wrong scorecard to focusing on missional engagement during the summer. We know it can be discouraging to feel like you’re not measuring up, but we’re here to encourage you to focus on what’s really important.

We also introduce a topic for future episodes that expands this mindset beyond just the summer and shifts our thinking about scorecards and how we approach ministry, especially with minimal resources and people. We know this is common among the majority of our listening audience, so we want to provide helpful insights for you all.

Did you know that the average size of churches in the Southern Baptist Convention is around 70 people? That’s right, we’re all in this together! And despite the challenges of the pandemic, there has been a recent rise in worship attendance, baptisms, and giving. We know many pastors are experiencing pandemic fatigue and trying to evaluate how to lead differently in the current circumstances, so we’re here to offer some practical advice.

We discuss the impact of the pandemic on pastors and the decline in pastoral satisfaction. But fear not, we introduce a talk by Bob Bickford called Ministry Maxims and scorecards, which focuses on leadership principles that can be applied in any setting regardless of church size or resources. We encourage pastors to use the slower pace of summer to make shifts in their leadership style that will have a lasting impact on the upcoming season of ministry.

We also talk about the importance of discerning and adapting to the current situation instead of doubling down or diving deep into discouragement. We suggest creating a stop doing list and delegating tasks that do not align with your calling or mission. And we provide three ways to develop discernment: immersing oneself in God’s word, reflecting on the ways of men, the world, and the church, and exercising good decision-making by dialoguing with key leaders.

Lastly, we discuss the challenges of leading paradigmatic change in a church and how it’s important to shift the culture towards a biblical mission and vision driven by the Word of God. We know it can be a difficult process, but by asking questions and evaluating the mission behind what you’re doing, you can make sure that your ministry is effective and in line with God’s will.

Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll catch you next time!

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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

Well Bootcampers, summer is right around the corner and that means a lot of things. Shorts, BBQ, swimming and the summer slump in weekly attendance.  Fear not loyal Bootcamp listener, the summer provides some great opportunities to connect with your community in creative ways while mobilizing your church to be more missional.  The guys break down some of the ways from this original blog post on another site, you can find here.

  1. Pray for your neighbors by name (Of course, you’ll have to learn their names to do this).
  2. Take a morning or evening walk everyday at the same time. Pray. Wave and say hello if the opportunity allows. If you have a dog or kids take them with you.
  3. Invite neighbors or co-workers over for a cook-out or “porch-party.” Having people in your home can be intimidating. Move the party outside and enjoy.
  4. Have kids and have neighbors with kids? Water balloons and squirt guns go a long way.
  5. Neighbors who are shut-in, elderly, or alone may enjoy a visit from time to time. Just ask?
  6. Find neighbors interested in a block party or school kick-off and plan ahead for the fall.
  7. Live music in your city/neighborhood-gather and go.
  8. Popsicles in the Park. Bring popsicles for your little ones and extras to share.
  9. Look for opportunities to help. Notice the grass getting long or a trash bin still on the road or knocked over? Take the initiative and help out. People will realize you don’t just care about yourself.
  10. Listen. This missional principle is essential. Listen to your neighbors and co-workers. Listening shows you care, allows you to respond in a way that is thoughtful, and makes the world bigger and more beautiful.

Do you have some missional ideas or things your church as done to reach people during the summer?  We’d love to hear about it, drop us a line, voicemail or comment and remember to subscribe and share your feedback on your favorite Podcasting Platform.


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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

Hey Bootcampers, Jimbo and Bob are back home for a bit before heading out once again and take some time to break down a question posed by one of the Participants  they received during a recent event regarding how to lead changes in your church. In short, Leadership Capital.  The guys spend time unpacking this idea a bit more.  Sit back, grab your favorite beverage and listen in as they talk about this important leadership issue.

Leadership Capital: is the influence that you acquire over time, which is stored in the minds and hearts of those you lead. When leading changes, you make withdraws from this account.

As a leader you build this capital over time, in slow, regular steady increments. If you are new to a church, you don’t acquire instant leadership capital just from your position. It must be earned through leading well, demonstrating competency, character and establishing credibility.

Check out this EP and the ones listed below for more insights on leading well.

Here are some additional bootcamp EPs to check out regarding leading change:


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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

In this EP the guys talk about their travels and a bit of their troubles on the road and then pivot to discuss an important principle related to the work of Replanting-Jesus is always with you and he will deliver you from every trial and trouble.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Troubles and challenges come in surprising ways-you want to change the bulletin and almost get fired.
  • Every ministry setting has its own set of challenges
  • Struggle and and trial are part of ministry – don’t be surprised
  • If God can save you from your sins (and he can and does) he will deliver you from everything else

We find encouragement and hope in Paul’s words:

He delivered us from such a deadly peril, and he will deliver us. On him we have set our hope that he will deliver us again. 2 Corinthians 1:10

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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

Welcome back Bootcampers! The guys were in the Big D (Dallas TX) for an event and had the opportunity to visit with the one and only, Dr. Kyle Bueermann from some other podcast. He dropped by to discuss some key thoughts from his book, And They Devoted, on discipleship. Listen in and be encouraged.

Here are some key points in the podcast

  • Discipleship is often assumed in the church-you have to develop intentionality and strategy
  • Focus on the basics: Scripture, Fellowship, Worship, Prayer, Evangelism
  • Start by discipling a few others, then releasing them to disciple others
  • Every discipleship process has to be reproducible-it can’t depend upon you
  • This is not a fast process it takes time (think years)

Keep listening for more great insights from Kyle and comments form Jimbo and Bob.

Mentioned in the show notes:


We want to hear from you, great and loyal Bootcamp Listener!  Drop us a line, a voicemail with your comments, thoughts and even favorite restaurants!

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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

This on the road, mobil edition of the Bootcamp finds Jimbo at home and Bob on the Road to Amarillo and a great EP, catching up with Dr. Joe Crider, the Dean of the School of Church Music and Worship at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth Texas.  The guys welcome Joe and ask a few questions about Worship.  Joe has great insights and drops some real gold when it comes to understanding the theological foundations of worship in the local church.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • The typical definition of worship in a church is held together by a musical thread, not a theological one.
  • We often end up defining worship by what we like to sing.
  • God never called the church to gather around something that changes so much, so often.  We are called to gather around Jesus Christ, to worship him.
  • Worship is a response to a self revealing God – we worship Him as he reveals himself to us.
  • Churches, regardless of size can have God glorifying, Jesus exalting, biblically faithful worship because worship is not tied to a musical style.
  • Worship is not a “hot band” and a “great sound system”
  • Use the scriptures as your foundation.

There are tons more great insights in this EP of the bootcamp. Pick up Dr. Crider’s book, Scripture Guided Worship over at Seminary Hill Press for more great insights and equipping.


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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

Hey there Bootcampers!  The guys are back for a brief rest from their travels before heading out on the road again and they took time to catch up with Rick Wheeler, Director of the Florida Baptist Foundation (Stewardship Simplified.)

Together with Rick, we spent some time talking about church finances, a topic that may be overlooked until there are issues. But, we need to be proactive in our talk about finances. Grab a notebook, listen in and glean some great insights in the world of finance.

Stewardship: is the God honoring management of resources as an obedient and a faithful disciple of Jesus.

Here are some other great insights from Rick:

  • Be Intentional in talking about Stewardship
  • Ensure appropriate and adequate financial controls and accountability (2 sets of eyes and hands, accurate reports, separation of duties)
  • Bring in an outside voice and eyes to assist your church in setting policies and practices. (State Convention, Association, organization.)
  • Communicate with the congregation-let them know about your financial controls and accountability structures.
  • Understand what a budget is:
    • A goal-something you are leaning toward-make it faith oriented
    • A guess-it is not for sure or certain
    • A guide-it helps you know the boundaries and it serves as a guide
    • It is not a “god”

Listen all the way to the end for more great info from Rick on this important topic.

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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

Welcome to the Replant Bootcamp, a podcast for pastors and church leaders who are looking to replant and revitalize churches. Today’s episode has the guys discussing self-care for pastors, a topic that is often overlooked but extremely important. Our guest for today’s episode is Frank Lewis, who multiple years of experience in pastoral ministry.


One of the main points that Frank emphasizes is the need for pastors to prioritize their spiritual devotions. This means spending time in prayer, reading the Bible, and seeking God’s guidance. As pastors, it’s easy to get caught up in the demands of ministry and neglect our personal spiritual growth. However, Frank reminds us that our ministry flows out of our relationship with God, and we need to make that relationship a priority.


Another important aspect of self-care for pastors is taking care of our physical health. Frank encourages pastors to make time for regular exercise and to eat a healthy diet. Exercise not only benefits our physical health but can also improve our mental health and reduce stress.Similarly, eating a healthy diet can give us the energy we need to carry out our ministry and improve our overall well-being.


Finally, Frank emphasizes the importance of developing a circle of friends who are also pastors. This provides a support system of people who understand the unique challenges and stresses that come with pastoral ministry. These friends can offer encouragement, accountability, and a safe space to share struggles and challenges.


Thank you, Frank Lewis, for sharing your insights and wisdom with us today. And thank you to our listeners for tuning in to the Replant Bootcamp.




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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

The guys welcome Dr. Trevin Wax, Vice President of Research and Resource Development at NAMB to the Bootcamp. Trevin’s new podcast, Reconstructing Faith, is one of our favorites, we’re talking about some of the subject matter from this season’s final Episode 12 on how the church can impact culture today.

We asked Trevin a couple of questions about things the churches can avoid and what gives him hope about the church today.

What Churches Can Avoid 

  •  Abandoning orthodoxy to stop decline
  • The assumption that it is impossible to grow as a church in today’s culture

What Important Commitments are Necessary for the Church?

  • Hold to doctrine – keep standing where you are standing
  • Be known for the way your church serves the community (especially the marginalized)

How To Mobilize the Church Today

  • Champion the idea that there is no expiration on spiritual gifts – there are opportunities for seasoned saints to engage people with the gospel regardless of age.
  • Rephrase the question: What can’t these Sr. Adults do? See them as an asset not a liability
  • Help the church turn outward by working with those who are most receptive to living missionally, let God change the hearts with your work of faithfulness (start with who you have)
  • View the church (even if small) as a strategic outpost for gospel ministry

Listen in for more great insights from Trevin and checkout his resources and podcast.


Help your church improve its social media and web presence in connecting with the community. Our great sponsor, One Eighty Digital can get you headed in the right direction. Contact them today and let them know you are a Bootcamp listener.


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