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Reccomended Resources


Am I A Replanter?

By Mark Hallock and Bob Bickford

Replant Roadmap

By Mark Hallock

Reclaiming Glory

By Mark Clifton

Biblical Church Revitalization

By Brian Croft

Replanting Rural Churches

By Matt Henslee and Kyle Bueerman

The Posture Of A Godly Leader

By Mark Hallock

The Shepherd Preacher

By Mark Hallock


By Angela Duckworth

Leading Major Change

By Dr. Jeff Iorg

Church Planting Is For Wimps

By Mike McKinley


By Andrew Davis

Can These Bones Live?

By Bill Henard

ReClaimed Church

By Bill Henard

Embers To A Flame

By Harry Reeder

God’s Not Done With Your Church

By Mark Hallock

Flickering Lamps

By Henry & Richard Blackaby

Autopsy Of A Deceased Church

By Thom Rainer

Groups That Revitalize

By Kenneth Priest & Alan Stoddard

No Silver Bullets

By Daniel Im

The Trellis And The Vine

By Colin Marshall & Tony Payne

Gospel-Centered Discipleship

By Jonathan Dodson

Who Moved My Pulpit

By Thom Rainer

Predictable Success

By Les McKeown

The Shepherd Leader

By Tim Witmer

On Being A Pastor

By Derek Prime & Allistair Begg

Practical Wisdom For Pastors

By Curis C. Thomas

On Pastoring

By HB Charles Jr.

The Pastor’s Ministry

By Brian Croft

Liberating Ministry From The Success Syndrome

By Kent Hughes

Expositional Preaching

By David Helm

Christ–Centered Preaching

By Bryan Chapell

Doctrine That Dances

By Robert Smith Jr.

On Preaching

By HB Charles Jr.

Facing Snarls & Scowls

By Brian Croft & James B. Caroll

Above All

By JD Greear

The Gospel-Centered Life

By Robert Thune

The Gospel-Driven Church

By Jared Wilson

The Unsaved Christian

By Dean Inserra

Outgrowing The Ingrown Church

By C John Miller

Great Commission Revitalization

By Mark Hallock

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