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Why Another Podcast?

Why? We wanted to create a place for replanters to ask questions and have them answered by other replanters. With a “Boots On The Ground” approach to answering these questions and exploring the gritty and glorious work of church replanting and revitalization.

At the Replant Bootcamp we believe that if you listen to the field it will lead you to the future. We want to learn from you and with you from laborers in the field. Who should we have on the podcast next? Maybe you?

Latest Episode

Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp
EP 248 - Setting Ministry Goals with Brandon Moore
  • EP 248 - Setting Ministry Goals with Brandon Moore

    EP 248 - Setting Ministry Goals with Brandon Moore

    Jun 19, 2024 • 26:37

    In this episode, we return to the boot camp with Brandon Moore, now settled in Knoxville, Tennessee, after completing his residency in Colorado. Brandon shares his replanting journey and the lessons learned from the Calvary family of churches, emphasizing the importance of a shepherd-first mentality. The discussion focuses on the…


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We want to hear from you! What are some issues you’re dealing with in your replant? Call, Text, or Email your questions and you could be on the next Replant Bootcamp podcast.

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