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Replant Bootcamp Ball Cap Give Away!

We’re celebrating a great year at the Bootcamp and we have a great giveaway to mark the occasion! Introducing the all new Replant Bootcamp Ball Cap! Replant Bootcamp Listeners here’s how to get your very own hat by following these simple steps. (all entries must be made via Replant Bootcamp Hat Giveaway From) Winners will be announced live on Facebook @ 3:30ET on 11/9, 12/14 and 1/11.

Stop by and like the Replant Bootcamp Facebook Page and send us a screen shot (1 entry)

Create a post about Replant Bootcamp on your Facebook Page and send us a screen shot (3 entries)

Go to Twitter and follow the @Replantbootcamp and send us a screen shot. (1 entry)

Retweet/Share a @replantbootcamp post and send us a screen shot (3 entries)

Follow Replant Bootcamp on Instagram and send us a screen shot (1 entries)

Tell us your favorite Replant Bootcamp Podcast episode (3 entries)

Upload a review of The Replant Bootcamp on iTunes, send us a screen shot (4 entries)

Upload your Replant Story (5 entries)

  • Name of your church
  • Picture of your building and sanctuary
  • Brief paragraph about your Replant Story

Associational/State Convention Leaders Only (5 entries)

  • Send us a pic of you with a Replanter Cohort, a Replanter or your Replant Team
  • Share a sentence update on your Replanting Strategy
  • Share a story of a Replanted congregation

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