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EP 238 – Pastoral Perseverance with Brian Croft

Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp
EP 238 - Pastoral Perseverance with Brian Croft

In this episode of the bootcamp podcast, I have the pleasure of welcoming back Brian Croft, a veteran pastor and the founder of Practical Shepherding to discuss his latest book, Pastoral Perseverance.

Brian shares his journey through 25 years of pastoral ministry, including facing significant challenges in the early years at Auburndale Baptist Church which tested his perseverance. Despite hardships like threats, financial crises, and health issues stemming from stress, Brian witnessed the church flourish under his guidance. You can read more about this and the lessons that Brian learned in his book, Biblical Church Revitalization.

Brian also discusses his transition to leading Practical Shepherding full-time, a ministry dedicated to equipping pastors and church leaders with practical tools for ministry.

This episode dives into the importance of pastoral qualifications, the concept of perseverance, and the critical understanding of suffering in ministry. Additionally, Brian introduces The Shepherd’s House, a retreat initiative for pastors needing rest and rejuvenation, emphasizing the importance of self-care among ministry leaders.

00:00 Welcome to the Bootcamp: Introducing Brian Croft
00:31 Brian Croft’s Journey: From a Dying Church to Thriving Ministry
02:08 The Birth and Growth of Practical Shepherding
03:34 Understanding the Five-Year Rule in Church Revitalization
06:33 The Impact of Practical Shepherding and the Shepherd’s House
11:03 Diving into ‘Pastoral Perseverance’: A Guide for Struggling Pastors
21:59 The Importance of Self-Care and Perseverance in Ministry
23:57 Closing Thoughts and Prayer for Perseverance

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EP 233 – Effective Interim Pastors: Fearing God more than Man with Scott Catoe

Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp
EP 233 - Effective Interim Pastors: Fearing God more than Man with Scott Catoe

In this episode, we welcome Scott Catoe, a first-time guest but longtime friend of the podcast, who shares his experiences and insights from serving as the lead pastor at Slater Baptist Church for 10 years and his current role as the Associate Mission Strategist for the Three Rivers Baptist Association. Dr. Catoe discusses his book, ‘Effective Interim Pastors,’ which emerged from his doctoral research on interim pastors.

He highlights the importance of addressing sin, and conflicts, and shaping a healthy church culture through the period of interim ministry rather than avoiding disruption. The conversation emphasizes the tendency of interim pastors and long-term pastors alike to either fear man more than God or seek personal glorification in ministry, contrasting these with the gospel-centered approach required for impactful leadership.

The book outlines eight principles for effective interim pastors, urging a focus on biblical faithfulness, prayer, confronting sin, and equipping the congregation for future growth, all rooted in a deep reverence for God over the fear of man.

00:00 Introduction and Guest Introduction
00:17 Guest’s Background and Current Role
01:07 Discussion on Normative Size Churches
01:45 Revitalization and Replanting Churches
02:08 Introduction to the Book ‘Effective Interim Pastors’
02:41 The Need for Transitional Pastors
03:51 The Role of an Interim Pastor
05:45 The Importance of Addressing Sin in Churches
11:07 The Fear of Man and Hero Syndrome in Ministry
17:16 The Role of Decision-Making in Churches
25:22 Conclusion and Book Recommendation

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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

Well Bootcampers the boys are back at it this time in JAX when Bob was in for a quick visit. Today they take up the topic of Vision and how to communicate it as a leader. Sit back, grab something to keep notes and consider how to improve your casting of vision.

Some helpful resources



Get a vision for your website from a quick consult with our great partner, One Eighty Digital. They are experts in the field and can get you up and running. Let them know you are a Bootcamper.


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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

Don’t let 2021 overwhelm you, stay with the basics, the irreducible minimums of ministry and take joy in leading your congregation and loving your people.  The guys are back at it, discussing how you can excel at Engaging the Community.  (also Jimbo shares a pretty incredible story right up front)


  • To engage the community you have to love the community – to grow in your love for the community you have to be in the community
  • Get involved and go to the civic events, parades, sports events etc
  • Go to the coffee shops, diners, firehouses, feed stores-get out and be a part of the community


  • Get to know the people right around your church.
  • Engage your neighborhood, invite people over for time around the firepit
  • Throw a neighborhood party
  • Set up in a coffee shop-put out a sign letting people know you are willing to pray for them.


  • Engage the community together as a small group or church
  • Trunk or Treat at the Elementary School
  • Serve a youth sports team


  • Serve in the community as a church-get out and serve on others turf not your own
  • Cast a strong vision for your church members to engage in whatever arena they are active in
  • Serve a like minded organization
  • Serve with your city by engaging with the city leaders.


The Art of Neighboring by Jay Pathick and Dave Runyon

The Gospel Comes with a House Key by Rosaria Butterfield

Four Fold Panorama by Keelan Cook


Fun Links

King of the Hill

What’s Cookin’


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Episode #15 – Dealing with Depression and Discouragement with Special Guest Mark Clifton

Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp
Episode #15 - Dealing with Depression and Discouragement with Special Guest Mark Clifton

Mark Clifton, Sr. Director of Replant of the North American Mission Board, stopped by the bootcamp and dropped some great knowledge and advice about how to deal with discouragement and depression as a Replanter.

How can a Replanter stay encouraged and healthy?

  • Unfortunately many don’t.
  • Pastors operate wounded and then wound others-spending $20 on a 10 cent problem.
  • Satan’s number 1 tool against a Pastor is depression/discouragement.
  • The weight of ministry creates a cycle of discouragement and depression that often creates a victim mentality and a context in which operating with emotional intelligence is difficult.

If you find your purpose, joy and meaning in how well your church is doing–you’ll be feeding off the congregation and not feeding them. And you’ll always be searching for Joy.

Find your joy in Jesus alone.

Talk to yourself, instead of listening to yourself.

Should a Pastor admit struggles and weaknesses?

  • You need to be vulnerable as a Pastor, but you also need to be cautious about how and with whom you are vulnerable.
  • Find a group of Leaders (Other Pastors, Director of Missions, Associational Missional Strategist, Elders) who you are living in community with and be vulnerable with them.
  • Be wise about your struggles with the congregation during your preaching.
  • We must remember that we have the Gospel-our trust is not in ourselves but in Jesus.
  • Use your weaknesses and inadequacies to point to the cross instead of using them to garner sympathy. 

What are some other sources of encouragement for a discouraged Pastor/Replanter?

  • Read the Scriptures
  • Read the Puritans
  • Listen to good sermons (Spurgeon, Martin Lloyd Jones)
  • The Valley of Vision
  • Read good biographies
  • Watch historical documentaries
  • Find a Hobby
  • Enjoy your family
    • Two rules for parenting: love Jesus and have fun
    • Don’t unload your church frustrations on your spouse/family.

Relax and remember that the church is the Lord’s, he is the one who will grow it and care for it.

Fight for your joy, the gospel and your church.

Are there some signs that it’s time to consider transitioning away from your church?

  • If the work is destroying your family, faith and your Christian walk-you may need to consider stepping down.

To be honest, some men should not be Pastors, and they need to come to terms with that. They could be called to be a good church leader, a great church member.

Every Pastor must have a clear call from God-or he shouldn’t be pastoring.

Often, in the midst of discouragement a Pastor is prone to choose isolation over community.

Find a good Christian counselor-for yourself and for your congregation. 

If you are a Pastor experiencing serious discouragement please reach out to someone for help today.

Helpful Resources

Revitalize by Andy Davis

Sermons by Martin Lloyd Jones

Medication and Depression by Bob Bickford

Pastor Hotline: 1-844-PASTOR1  (1-844-727-8671)