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Episode #11 – Thankfulness and Encouragement with Mark Hallock

Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp
Episode #11 - Thankfulness and Encouragement with Mark Hallock

Mark Hallock Lead Pastor, The Calvary Family of Churches, Englewood Baptist Church

In Replanting you can be thankful that 

  • God has called you to the mission of seeing churches raised from the dead
  • You have been called to preach the word
  • You have been placed in a particular community that needs to hear the gospel

The last thing a church needs is a thankless pastor!

How to cultivate thankfulness

  • Your personal devotion life is key-being in the word everyday.
  • Remember and be amazed at how you have been saved by Jesus!

 The Relentless Encourager by Mark Hallock and Scott Iken

  • Encouragement is a differentiator that makes you want to follow a leader!
  • The warmth and love that is experienced through encouragement creates a response to the one who exhibits it from an authentic life.

Best Hallock Quote of the Show:

“Many of us have encouraging thoughts, but we don’t let those translate into encouraging words. Until encouragement flows from my tongue to your ear it’s not encouragement. It’s just a nice thought that you had that no one is blessed by.”  -Mark Hallock

What keeps us from encouraging others?

  • Lack of intentionality
  • Laziness
  • Pride (especially in leaders)
  • Insecurity

Being an effective leader in a small dying church is different than serving in a large church, this is why warmth, hugs, encouragement and healthy touch are important to bring about a new culture.

In the early days of a Replant-just about everyone is discouraged!  It so important to be an encourager!


Notable Quotes from Mark:

“What you bleed as a leader, is what your people will bleed in time.” 

“The culture of a dying church is changed by the encouragement and love of the leader.”

“You can’t fake being a loving encouraging person for long! You need to beg God to make you an encouraging person.”

“The lack of encouragement is robbing you and others of joy!”

“Being an encourager is like Christmas everyday!”


Mark’s Children’s book: Our Great God! 

Other books by Mark Hallock


Episode #5 – How Can Lay People Serve & Encourage Replanters

Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp
Episode #5 - How Can Lay People Serve & Encourage Replanters

It’s Pastor Appreciation month. In this episode Bob and JimBo breakdown what they, as Pastors, view as helpful and not helpful in making them feel appreciated.

Q: How can lay persons in a Replant be an encouragement to a Pastor and his family?

Not helpful or particularly encouraging to Pastors 

  • Sharing criticism right before the Pastor gives the sermon
  • Spontaneous job performance reviews
  • Adding last minute songs to the Sunday morning liturgy-right before the sermon

Helpful and encouraging to Pastors

  • A personal prayer team (people outside the church)
  • Specific encouragement regarding how the sermon impacted their life  
  • Specific feedback on how your pastor’s leadership has impacted your walk with Christ
  • Arriving early for worship, greeting guests and serving in hospitality ministries
  • Serving with joy
  • Engaging in discipleship, ministry and missions in the church
  • Taking your Pastor and his family on vacations, trips
  • Inviting your Pastor to encourage, counsel and pray for you and your concerns

 What should you do as a Replant Pastor if your not appreciated on Pastor’s appreciation month?

  • Be gracious-your congregation may not know it’s Pastor appreciation month
  • If you are early in your tenure as a Replanter the congregation may be struggling to feel appreciative, give them grace
  • Learn the secret of being content, Philippians 4:11

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