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Episode #5 – How Can Lay People Serve & Encourage Replanters

Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp
Episode #5 - How Can Lay People Serve & Encourage Replanters

It’s Pastor Appreciation month. In this episode Bob and JimBo breakdown what they, as Pastors, view as helpful and not helpful in making them feel appreciated.

Q: How can lay persons in a Replant be an encouragement to a Pastor and his family?

Not helpful or particularly encouraging to Pastors 

  • Sharing criticism right before the Pastor gives the sermon
  • Spontaneous job performance reviews
  • Adding last minute songs to the Sunday morning liturgy-right before the sermon

Helpful and encouraging to Pastors

  • A personal prayer team (people outside the church)
  • Specific encouragement regarding how the sermon impacted their life  
  • Specific feedback on how your pastor’s leadership has impacted your walk with Christ
  • Arriving early for worship, greeting guests and serving in hospitality ministries
  • Serving with joy
  • Engaging in discipleship, ministry and missions in the church
  • Taking your Pastor and his family on vacations, trips
  • Inviting your Pastor to encourage, counsel and pray for you and your concerns

 What should you do as a Replant Pastor if your not appreciated on Pastor’s appreciation month?

  • Be gracious-your congregation may not know it’s Pastor appreciation month
  • If you are early in your tenure as a Replanter the congregation may be struggling to feel appreciative, give them grace
  • Learn the secret of being content, Philippians 4:11

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Jimbo Stewart

Replant Bootcamp Co-Host

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