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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

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Well…after Bob accidentally deleted the audio they stuck with it and finally got the podcast recorded for a “Live Bootcamp” from the Missouri Baptist Annual Convention in St. Charles MO.

Joining the guys on this episode is Brandon Moore, Director of The Resound Network for the MBC. He and the boys talk about Residencies and why they are important.

Why consider a Replant Residency?

  • Applied learning in a “hands on environment.”
  • You can confirm or affirm or redirect your call to Replanting.
  • The likelihood is great that you will Pastor a church in need of revitalization or replanting-get the help you need before you pastor.
  • A residency can help you put together the principles of a revitalization plan for your initial pastorate.
  • A resident can discern the areas where they need to develop in their own leadership.
  • A residency offers you the chance to learn humility.

Here’s some good news-there is no prototypical “type” of resident. Residents can be of any age or in any stage of life.

To find out more about the MBC Summer Mission Residency with credit from Midwestern Seminary, contact Brandon Moore.

Looking for information to develop a residency or do a “virtual” residency yourself?  Our good friend, Mark Hallock, has put together a great curriculum you can use with a cohort or by yourself.

Jacksonville Baptist Association uses this doc to custom build residencies in local churches – renew jax residency

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Check out the show notes below for more detail. Show transcripts are an approximation of the podcast, audio should be consulted for exact detail.

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Episode #6 – Preparing for The Call to Replant – Boots on The Ground Highlight w/ Evan Skelton

Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp
Episode #6 - Preparing for The Call to Replant - Boots on The Ground Highlight w/ Evan Skelton

The guys welcomed Replant Pastor Evan Skelton to the Bootcamp to talk about preparing for the call to Replant a local church, Replant Residencies and failed Youth Internships. Buckle up, grab a snack and settle in for this slightly longer (than usual) but super important episode.


How do you prepare for the call of Replanting?

Review the call with your wife

Consider the cost-Replanting is hard and difficult

Be willing to serve in any capacity “ugly ministry”

Be equipped and trained in a residency

Serve, watch and pray and see what God can do through a local church Replant

Connect with other men who are seeking to replant churches

Encourage and cheer on your peers

Be scrappy financially: flexible jobs, raise funds


How does a Replanter find a church to serve?


Careful examination of opportunities

Networking with other Pastors and leaders

Visit your local Association

Connect with local Churches who need help, serve there willingly

Attend and serve at an ordinary church


Advice from Evan

Get some exposure and experience in an ordinary church

Center yourself on the Gospel until the glory of God matters most

Find a godly leader and learn from him

Pray for Evan and Bayless Baptist Church


Recommended Resources

Reclaiming Glory by Mark Clifton

Church Planting is for Wimps by Mike McKinley

Am I a Replanter? by Bob Bickford and Mark Hallock

The Calvary Family of Churches residency materials: https://www.nonignorable.org/replanting-revitalization


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