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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

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Well…after Bob accidentally deleted the audio they stuck with it and finally got the podcast recorded for a “Live Bootcamp” from the Missouri Baptist Annual Convention in St. Charles MO.

Joining the guys on this episode is Brandon Moore, Director of The Resound Network for the MBC. He and the boys talk about Residencies and why they are important.

Why consider a Replant Residency?

  • Applied learning in a “hands on environment.”
  • You can confirm or affirm or redirect your call to Replanting.
  • The likelihood is great that you will Pastor a church in need of revitalization or replanting-get the help you need before you pastor.
  • A residency can help you put together the principles of a revitalization plan for your initial pastorate.
  • A resident can discern the areas where they need to develop in their own leadership.
  • A residency offers you the chance to learn humility.

Here’s some good news-there is no prototypical “type” of resident. Residents can be of any age or in any stage of life.

To find out more about the MBC Summer Mission Residency with credit from Midwestern Seminary, contact Brandon Moore.

Looking for information to develop a residency or do a “virtual” residency yourself?  Our good friend, Mark Hallock, has put together a great curriculum you can use with a cohort or by yourself.

Jacksonville Baptist Association uses this doc to custom build residencies in local churches – renew jax residency

Not much to celebrate about your online presence? Get the help you need by connecting with our great sponsor: oneeighty digital

Check out the show notes below for more detail. Show transcripts are an approximation of the podcast, audio should be consulted for exact detail.

JimBo: [00:00:00] All right here we are back at it again. Live from st. Charles, Missouri at the MoBap convention. Take two.

Bob: [00:00:08] Yeah, I, uh, I deleted the audio of this previous podcast. So this

JimBo: [00:00:13] it was gold.

Bob: [00:00:14] was gold. Is the best podcast ever.

JimBo: [00:00:16] It

would have been life

Bob: [00:00:17] People were committing to missions. Churches are being planted and replanted.


JimBo: [00:00:21] It was amazing. We had three salvation,

Brandon: [00:00:23] Yes.

person slain

Bob: [00:00:24] in the spirit It was great

JimBo: [00:00:28] Okay Oh that’s a lie except for the fact that we deleted the audio

Bob: [00:00:31] bought Bob deleted the audio

JimBo: [00:00:33] but that’s okay That’s okay We are here and you know how much I love you Bob

Bob: [00:00:36] You love me how much Jimbo

JimBo: [00:00:38] I would drive 500 miles and I would drive 500 more And then 350 more just to be the man at your door

Bob: [00:00:47] That’s right So Jimbo and his family the stew crew Rolled into a Webster groves on a Sunday early after late afternoon and joined us in the house the Bickford Casa there and we’ve been hosting them So it’s really good for our our wives had met and it’s first time I got to really meet your kids And they were pretty excited about meeting me

JimBo: [00:01:08] They where you’ve got you’ve got a unique uh name that just rolls right off the tongue Well and for some reason my kids as I was telling about this trip have just gone around the house all the time saying bye Bickford Bob Bickford Yeah So we were driving in today and I was like Hey I need to I’m trying to remember where Bob parked yesterday and Mike he goes do you mean Bob Bickford

Bob: [00:01:32] she didn’t see my spot with the sign Did you

JimBo: [00:01:34] I didn’t see the Bob Bickford design I didn’t know The kids would love saying your name They enjoy you guys and you guys got a great house

Bob: [00:01:41] Nice Thanks We uh you’ll have to come back when it’s nice so we can watch Sports on the sports deck out back when it’s warm and we got a great we got a fire pit and the whole thing So Hey bootcamp listeners if you’re driving through Webster groves hit me up Let me know

JimBo: [00:01:54] Hey bill Campbell listeners One more thing before I forget I said at the end last time and I wanted to say at the beginning we’ve got some really great looking new hats They’re just I mean phenomenal

Bob: [00:02:04] yeah The black ops hat the replant black ops

JimBo: [00:02:07] Yeah And it was so we gave our guest today which we’ll introduce here in the second one yesterday And he said it was the greatest hat he had ever seen in his life Entire

Brandon: [00:02:15] hands down

JimBo: [00:02:16] hands down

Bob: [00:02:17] Hey his voice You’ve heard his voice It’s the voice

JimBo: [00:02:20] Brandon Moore

Bob: [00:02:22] I’m jealous of his voice

Brandon: [00:02:25] Yeah They say I have a face for radio So you know

Bob: [00:02:27] you’re a handsome man You’re a handsome man Don’t kid

JimBo: [00:02:30] Hey but you can have one of your own hats It’s how can our listeners have their own hat Bob

Bob: [00:02:35] well Jimbo they can go to Facebook and Twitter and like us and they can Show show that they’ve liked us show that they’re sharing social posts then go to iTunes and write a review And there’s there’s a great way that we explained it all on replant on a blog post there we just are trying to get the word out about the podcast and we need you to help us do that And you can get rewarded by getting a replant bootcamp hat

JimBo: [00:02:59] the greatest ad of all history All right So we do have a great  guest with us today who actually invited us to be a part of this And so really glad to get to be a part of a panel last night discussing revitalization and replanting and all things Brandon Moore welcome man to the

Brandon: [00:03:17] Yeah Thank you guys for joining us here at the convention

JimBo: [00:03:20] All right Today we’re going to talk about residencies because you have a residency here that you guys lead with the with the convention working with associations we have a residency in Jacksonville and so we believe in replanting and revitalization Residency’s why why do we believe in that What is the benefit of doing a replanting and revitalization residency Brandon

Brandon: [00:03:42] Yeah So I I think one of the big things is getting that hands-on experience in what what many guys are gonna enter into as their first church out of seminary I mean the real life as you guys say boots on the ground kind of ministry getting their hands dirty getting practical experience And so residency weds You know content with actual hands-on experience And so you’re not just learning for several years and then applying afterwards but rather you’re learning and applying and learning and applying over and over again So I think that’s one of the big beauties of

Bob: [00:04:15] I love that idea because you know most of us went through our Bible college or seminary and we were part of a church probably maybe a larger church And sometimes there’s a student either a Bible college student or a seminary student you really are are in transition And so you may not invest very deeply And so you miss the local experience or the hands-on experience in in practicum So one of the things I was telling you guys earlier it was My major mine one of my first undergrad majors I had four majors just by the way in college uh I was that guy I was but I finished in a four and a half years or ultimately when we counted all up But um it’s another story So I want to Jimbo I I’m Brandon I wanted to be a basketball coach and a science teacher went to university of Arkansas go Razorbacks Woo pig suey by the way So we we uh had a class that the first semester of your sophomore year you had to go and observe for about 20 hours in a school And so I got sent to a high school and I went into high school and observed for those 20 hours And you know what I decided after that 20 hours I do not want to be a science teacher and a basketball coach And here’s the cool thing about a residency In residency you get some equipping you get some education you get some cohort learning but you also get hands on experience to help confirm your call and affirm your call or redirect your call And that’s one of the things I think is most valuable about a residency

JimBo: [00:05:41] There’s something about Getting boots on the ground hands-on experience that is more valuable than anything you can ever get in a classroom And it will equip you in a greater way but it also can help you evaluate and understand maybe maybe this isn’t for me maybe this is not what God has called me to but one of the things we have to realize maybe you don’t think revitalization is something you’re super passionate about but if you feel called to be a pastor of a local church there’s a pretty high probability You’re going to be pastoring a church in need of revitalization

Bob: [00:06:14] absolutely 80% of our 46 47,000 churches in the SBC need to be revitalized Brandon in terms of the number of Churches in Missouri Baptist convention How how many would you say need to be rebalanced

Brandon: [00:06:28] Yeah we’ve got 48% that are in decline Another 18% that are plateaued And so I mean you’re looking at out of our 1800 churches about uh 1200 um maybe a little bit less than that that need to be revitalized some degree or another

JimBo: [00:06:42] Yeah So chances are that’s what you’re going to end up in And so there can be a great benefit to doing a residency Brandon if someone were to do a residency here in Missouri in connection with you guys what would that look like What all would that be

Brandon: [00:06:55] Yeah so our network for revitalization and replanting is big on partnership with associations and so one of the things that we did was starting association with cohort And  we brought guys together some that were already in the thick of pastoral ministry and been doing it for years  some that were by vocational  and others that were you know kind of more your traditional what you would think of as a resident looking to get into pastoral ministry And so We we got guys involved in a once a month cohort meeting where we discuss the books we were reading and videos we were watching And we zoomed in with some leaders around the nation and you guys and others

Bob: [00:07:34] day ever in the history of that residency when they brought you in

JimBo: [00:07:37] That was really probably the pinnacle of the whole experience

Bob: [00:07:41] I think probably they wrote papers about

JimBo: [00:07:42] It was a make or break moment for a few of them

Brandon: [00:07:44] Yes yes Yeah Your your beard was incredibly inspirational So um Well I mean that opportunity for many of them though to get to hear about replaying her characteristics was another thing we covered And so we’ve got to hear that from you guys and how those things you know land in ministry Um but then we yeah Also paired them with healthy church Pastors could coach them along the way And so they were then um applying that stuff and and had some accountability Um I had some other projects involved um kind of scattered throughout the year One of which was being kind of articulating their vision For revitalization and replanting which I think is important piece for them to be able to put pen to paper and and be able to articulate that and cast it to churches in the future

Bob: [00:08:28] Absolutely Cause you know one of the biggest things that most of us who prepared for ministry imagined and dreamt about and hope for and pray for Was the day that we would walk into the office sit behind a desk and we would be a guy And then most of us in truthfulness when we walked in to the office sat behind the desk and we realized we were the guy we went what now And so for a resident to come out of your your residency program and already know through experience and then also have already written an initial plan in principle about What he believes about revitalization how he would approach it phenomenally important

JimBo: [00:09:09] I really thought that I would spend all my time studying and discipling people And that was it

Bob: [00:09:18] Yeah And so you’ve been doing insurance stuff and trying to contact the police about the guy who stole your hand sanitizer and all those sorts of things and counseling people who are disgruntled

JimBo: [00:09:29] Yeah There’s no telling what all you’re going to end up doing which is why you have to be a resourceful generalist

Bob: [00:09:34] Yeah that’s one one of the important characteristics random and I’m so excited So like the guys who are coming to your residence you can describe the kind of the guy that’s coming to your residency program here

Brandon: [00:09:46] Yeah Yeah So I mean many of them are guys that man they’re like they’ve been equipped in seminary or through a variety of other means to preach the word study the word to to do pastoral ministry And they do all of those things really well but they they got in the midst of some really difficult church situations and realize they hadn’t been equipped to lead and and so  a large part of our residency is focusing on that leadership component and uh just competencies in those areas Many of which align with those you know visionary shepherding or social generalists not only you know be  the the skills but also the the kind of person that they need to be uh to be a resourceful generalist to be humble and willing to go after certain things even though that may not be comfortable for them or in their wheelhouse and so we just had  a bunch of guys that were you know recognizing their need and were really teachable And and so I mean I think that’s one of the keys for a resident is just teachability

Bob: [00:10:46] We often think of a resident as a young guy who’s in Bible college or seminary or guy’s getting ready to start his pastoral career It’s kind of a finishing process but Jimbo you you have a really unique story about a resident that you had at your church in Jacksonville who really kind of breaks the mold of that stereotype Tell us about him

JimBo: [00:11:05] It was a really humbling experience to be approached by this because the guy who just finished residency at our church 63 years old  own his own business  I got saved later in life and shortly after that felt called to sell everything he owned and move to Costa Rica and be a missionary with his wife and kids And so they did that And I think for like five years they lived in Costa Rica and were missionaries there and ultimately what they were doing without even realizing it was kind of creating a revitalization network of these rural churches in Costa Rica and helping them figure out how to engage their communities better partnering them with state site with American churches All sorts of stuff like that And it really just created this deep missional heart and passion for the local church So when they came back to the United States he ended up going to a church that ended up growing pretty large non-denominational church in our area and actually ended up being on staff as the associate pastor of this pretty large church and was on a staff I believe for eight years But the last two of those years he really felt God Pulling his heart back to some of those same things that he did in Costa Rica as he would drive through the communities and see all these churches dying And so he started asking around Hey I just want to know a little more about revitalization and who’s doing anything about these dying churches And somebody told him you need to talk to some guy named Jimbo And so he came to my office and I kind of shared with him the vision of how we do residencies and he goes sign me up And I said you understand this is unpaid and I’m young enough to be your son And and and he he left a full-time position at a mega church to come do this residency with us but really great guy owns a surfboard company that uh he custom makes surfboards for people surfs all the time Really great guy great communicator great leader So we’re excited to see Now that he’s finished the residency what’s next for him

Bob: [00:13:07] I mean you know the future of replanting in terms of the kinds of pastors that could be called that are guys like that Right guys that have business acumen who have real-world experience who can handle a lot of leadership variables God can really use guys like that So if we have some guy that just happened across the podcast and you’re an older guy that you know you’ve you’ve had some business experience and you just have a humble heart and want to serve and get involved in a residency and and Engage in and to so many of the churches that need to be revitalized and replanted are going to be in need of a really high quality high capacity by vocational pastor and for the young guys listening maybe go out to the garage and learn how to make surf boards right now Right So I mean you need a you need like a workshop kind of an idea You need a bit ability perhaps to

JimBo: [00:13:56] Is there a large market for surfboards in Missouri

Bob: [00:13:59] Absolutely No I guess a wakeboarding may be big and I don’t know if you could factor that down but but Brandon you guys have a really unique residency opportunity here in state of Missouri in a partnership with Midwestern seminary Would you tell us about that

Brandon: [00:14:15] Yeah So this past summer we did our first run at it with college and seminary age like typical college and seminary age guys  that  they spent the summer with us Um we partnered them with a strong church and a struggling church So they got a a strong church pastor that mentored them throughout the summer And uh they were paired also as part of the beauty of associational partnerships They were paired with a struggling church within that association To be mobilized  and and see not just how it’s done healthy but also like you know some of the things we’ll be walking into and revitalization or replanting work And so I mean my brother actually was one of the guys that summer and I mean he almost ended up serving kind of like as a one month interim uh at a church because they were without a pastor all of a sudden And so they just let them do like whatever  and

Bob: [00:15:04] accidental interim pastor

Brandon: [00:15:07] yeah

JimBo: [00:15:07] do whatever you want to do man

Brandon: [00:15:10] it was awesome  and and he grew a ton you know  and he had an awesome mentor pastor and we had of course we had content  we were walking through like what’s biblical church looked like we were walking through leadership competencies and replanting characteristics but  all of that added together just shaped up to be a really great summer but with Midwestern  We we fit into one of their partnership programs that allowed guys to get six hours of credit for free like tuition free

Bob: [00:15:36] for free Yeah

Brandon: [00:15:37] So not only did they not pay for tuition but with our program they actually were part of our college summer missions program So they got a $15 dollar stipend all this experience and six hours of credit

Bob: [00:15:48] there’s more right

JimBo: [00:15:49] Yeah My residents don’t need to listen to this episode They got free lunch every once in a while but that’s as

Bob: [00:15:55] Popeye’s chicken sandwich right That’s awesome man That is really incredible Now one of the things that some of our listeners may be thinking is you know what I don’t live near Missouri And I’m in a position where I can’t just uproot my family We may have some AMS leaders out there thinking good grief How do I start a residency I don’t know if I could figure it out One of our great partners Mark Hallock from the Calvary family of churches in Denver Colorado has a site called dot org We’ll put it in the show notes They have a complete residency program and system put together We’re 40 lectures 40 sessions videos student notes notes for you If you want to run a residency it’s almost like a it’s really a turnkey system And it and it’s great material And have you guys used that material and would you endorse that and give us a word about

Brandon: [00:16:46] Yeah we used it in both of our cohorts  both the summer It was an option for guys to utilize and some supplemental study And then in our other cohort we had guys watch all 40 videos and they I mean that was some of the across the board That was feedback that we got into some of the most helpful material we walked

Bob: [00:17:03] that engine boss appearance on zoom

JimBo: [00:17:05] right That obviously underneath that now we use the same material We use all Marc Alex stuff in our residency as well Cause it’s just so good and it’s free And one of things I want to talk about is how The way we do residency is very similar but also very different than what Brandon described and doing a residency is not a cookie cutter process It’s not something that has to be done in a particular way I think there are elements that need to be in it There needs to be good content material There needs to be some coaching and there needs to be some experiential opportunities for you to experience some things So what we’ve been doing in Jacksonville with our association is equipping local churches To host their own residency So we kind of put together a lot of that structure of what it needs to look like We work with that local pastor to customize it however he wants and then we give him everything he needs to be able to lead a residency And so I’ll add that in the show notes that a copy of that most recent one that we’ve done and you can kind of see what that looks like contact me And I’d love to talk with you about how we could customize it for you And it’s really a pretty turnkey easy process for you to lead But one of the cool things is one of the guys I set it up with the pastor was talking about man I’m going to make sure I read all these books and watch all these videos so that I can have really good conversations with him And it’s going to make him a better revitalization pastor Wow He’s leading this guy in a revitalization Residency And so there is great benefit into approaching this in a lot of different ways The key is being a lifelong learner having the humility to sit under somebody and have or some bodies and have them help develop and strengthen you And so who were the kind of people that should be in a residency Cause Brandon you talked about some college age guys You talked about some guys who are in churches already leading them So who should be in a residency

Brandon: [00:19:02] Yeah I mean I think guys that recognize that they that lifelong learner piece and you talked about you know guys that are that are passionate about that should look for what kind of resources are available around them

Bob: [00:19:14] I think the thing is I regrettably say this but I came from a really large church situation a progressive church a church that most people would know And just because I’d intern there I thought I knew I thought I knew a lot and I was not a humble dude And one of the things that’s so important for all of us to learn and embody his humility And here’s the truth If we don’t learn it and we don’t embody it God will put us in situations where we have to learn it So

Brandon: [00:19:46] yeah

JimBo: [00:19:46] you’ll either be humble or you will be

Bob: [00:19:48] yes There you go That was much better Jibo thank you

Brandon: [00:19:52] Uh I think it’s I mean a piece of the humility piece Yes For the guys who are looking at being a resident but for the guy that’s like doing the residency like it could be helpful Um And in recognizing the need to develop other leaders to come alongside you Like um guys that do residencies well are humble guys I think typically because they recognize they need to be lifelong learners They can learn from their residents They need a team of guys around them Um plurality of leadership and and residencies are great for sending guys out but also raising up pastors within your own congregation

JimBo: [00:20:28] Yeah Yeah And it can be such a benefit to the church as well that hosts the residency So one of the things that we do is we have them do rotations in children’s ministry youth ministry worship ministry senior adults and they observe for a little bit they serve for a little bit and then they lead in some capacity So that they can be observed in that process but in that they have to write a paper after each rotation that gives some feedback and some observations And it’s almost like getting a secret shopper in those areas for you as a pastor because I don’t know about you but I’ve often wondered what else is going on right now when I’m preaching

Bob: [00:21:07] Yeah What is actually

JimBo: [00:21:08] What is actually happening in children’s ministry or in preschool or what happens on Wednesday night in youth ministry when I’m teaching a Bible study and you get some eyes a little bit on that that give you some outsider feedback that aren’t a part of the family necessarily or maybe they are maybe raised up from within And but they give you that perspective as well So it can be benefit to the church on that The other thing we do to make sure that it’s a benefit of the church is we ask the resident to do a residency long ministry project So for whatever the length of the residency 10 months 12 months nine months they have one or two kind of assignments to help improve a certain area of ministry that gives them an opportunity to lead for an extended period of time but also gives them an opportunity to be observed but also gives them opportunity to be Kind of inmeshed into the family and the community of the church and kind of become a part of the family So for us doing residencies has been so cool for our church as we send them out and the church has really bought into that guy and they’re going man we’re so excited for you So when one of our residents took a church recently he sent a video to our church to play on Sunday morning to just say Hey thank you so much for the residency everything I do you guys are a part of it Uh you guys sent me We’re not really his sending church He came from another church to do the residency with us but our church got to be a part of that story and connected And when his father-in-law passed away some of our church members went to that funeral and minister to his family in that time And it gives your church an opportunity to even practice sending And so maybe as a revitalization church you feel like we’re not ready to really be a sending church yet Well maybe you are and maybe it’s as simple as doing a replanting revitalization residency and now you get to be a part of sending and that is great for a local church

Bob: [00:23:01] It builds it into the DNA of the church over the longterm And I think you you probably mentioned this system in the sense of you don’t have to be a large church to be a sending church Every church every church already is sending anyway right When people move to different parts of the Metro and they Go to a different body of believers or they move out of state

JimBo: [00:23:21] I wish I could send some people but

Bob: [00:23:24] Yeah Yeah We all we all have felt that before but I I think that’s the one thing to celebrate that is and when the one of the pastors that I served with one time he said this he said I’ve learned to do this I’ve learned to shepherd the people that God brings And I’ve learned to celebrate the people that God takes And if we can do that on a regular basis and teach our congregation to do that I think we really We grow well in terms of understanding God’s mission in the long run

JimBo: [00:23:52] all right So maybe you need to be a part of a residency Maybe you just need to be a lifelong learner and go through some of these materials So even if you’re not going to do a residency we’ll take a look at the reading list Take a look at those videos at non-ag Take a look at some of this material and figure out how you can grow And prayerfully consider being somebody who hosts a residency This is one of those where I feel like almost everybody can either be a resident or host a residency almost And so prayerfully consider what you could do in that process wherever you are from coast to coast and sea to sea joining the thousands of Missourians here with us live at the Missouri Baptist convention

BRANDON MOORE, MISSOURI, Replant Residency, Residency, RESIDENT

Jimbo Stewart

Replant Bootcamp Co-Host

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