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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

The boys catch up from their Thanksgiving break, Jimbo details another “Florida Man” incident and then they get down to talking about the Six Levels of Initiative and why they matter to your leadership in your Replant.

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Here are the six levels as defined by Matt Perman

  1. Wait until told
  2. Ask
  3. Recommend
  4. Act and report immediately
  5. Act and report periodically
  6. Act on own


Resources Mentioned by the guys:

What’s Best Next by Matt Perman

Six Levels of Initiative by Matt Perman

Covey’s levels of Initiative

The Five levels of delegation by Michael Hyatt

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Episode #44 – The HANDS of a Replanter: Pastoral Grit, Resourceful Generalist, and Initiative

Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp
Episode #44 - The HANDS of a Replanter: Pastoral Grit, Resourceful Generalist, and Initiative

It’s hot in Florida and Missouri, Jimbo is another year older and we’re continuing the discussion related to the 13 Characteristics of a Replanter.  Grab a glass of sweet tea or lemonade and join us as we look at the “Hands” Quadrant and discuss: Pastoral Grit, Resourceful Generalist and Initiative.


Pastoral Grit: Pastoral Grit is the ability to persevere through the inevitable difficulties of replanting and remain steadfast to shepherd the church forward as God uses the Replanter to turn a dying church around.

Resourceful Generalist: the ability to speak into and lead in a variety of areas in order to lead the church well. There is no task beneath him.

Initiative: The replant pastor with Initiative leads the church with a passion rooted in biblical convictions and demonstrated in a bias for action. He proactively works to avoid problems, as well as finding or creating new opportunities.


Check out the Am I a Replanter? Online Preview event Monday, July 27th at 7-9pm CST over at the ChurchReplanters Facebook page.

Are you interested discerning your call to Replanting and wondering if you possess the characteristics required?Check out the 13 Replanter Characteristics Survey at Churchreplanters.com


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