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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

Hey there Bootcampers!  We know this week has you busy wrapping up all sorts of things as you get ready for those Christmas Eve services and family gatherings. In this short EP the guys reminisce about some good ole 80s Contemporary Christian Music, share a few laughs and listen to Bob lament about his old BMW.

We pray that thru all the days ahead you feel the joy of the Lord, knowing that God sent his son, Jesus, to redeem and restore us into a right relationship with him.

Merry Christmas from the Bootcamp!



JimBo Stewart: [00:00:00] Here we are back at the boot camp, Christmas week, and a fun little update for everybody. you should, by the time that this goes out, be back in possession of your BMW.

Bob Bickford: Yeah, I will be, hopefully and hopefully it will have made the trip from and it’s a circuitous trip back to Tennessee for a tender Tennessee Christmas as the Amy Grant song says. And you probably haven’t ever heard that song. Have you


JimBo Stewart: never heard that song.

Bob Bickford: It’s not very good musically. But, uh, we, I got on this kick the other day.

We were, Barb and I were listening to eighties contemporary Christian music. And we, we were new every word we were singing like Russ Taft and Steven, Steven Curtis Chapman and DeGarmo and Key and DC talk and, you know, all that kind of stuff. And I just realized the music quality was not that great. But we sure had a lot of fun back in the late eighties and nineties.

But yeah, um, [00:01:00] nonetheless,

JimBo Stewart: the only things I remember, as I remember some DC Talk stuff, because my mom would play it every once in a while, and Carmen.

Bob Bickford: yes, Carmen’s talk scene. Yeah. listen, one of the DC talk songs, I remember for the first concert I ever saw DC talk, they were, they were opening for to Garmo and key and to Garmo. And he used to have this, Song called Boycott Hell and 666, right? That was kind of their, kind of theirs. I think we had to change the, change the intro and outro tunes to those at this point, but DC, DC talk had one of their raps from the first album called Heaven Bound and it was ha

ha heaven bound And a lot of highs, a lot of hoes, heaven bound.

So maybe that’s a Christmas, DC dog song.

JimBo Stewart: other one that I always cracked up with was from DC Talk was I don’t want it. I [00:02:00] don’t want it. Your sex for now.

Bob Bickford: Every true love weights, uh, disciple now had, have played that right.

JimBo Stewart: What a weird song.

Bob Bickford: either that or, what if I stumbled from the Jesus freak now, the Jesus freak album, I will say this. I think it still stands the test of time to some degree.

JimBo Stewart: I like the, I like the Jesus Freaks song. That one’s a good one.

Bob Bickford: Yeah.

JimBo Stewart: like this one.

Bob Bickford: So I don’t, we we jumped out from the BMW getting back to Tennessee. so I, I will have my red BBMW for, Christmas. It’s kind of my Christmas present to myself, and I’m paying for it over and over and over again. ’cause BMW does stand for break my wallet. So let me give you little car tips.

Never buy A BMW ever.

JimBo Stewart: Christmas is ruined.

Bob Bickford: Christmas Yes. No presents for anyone. Christmas is ruined.

JimBo Stewart: Every time I ask what’s for Christmas, just, hey, look outside in the driveway. Let me see that BMW.

That’s what you get

Bob Bickford: Yep, yep, yep. But I, you know, Christmas is [00:03:00] a good time. It’s gonna be our, uh, we’re, it’s interesting. We’ve got a, a grandbaby on the way. and so I’m not sure where we’re gonna be for Christmas and

JimBo Stewart: Okay

Bob Bickford: who knows?

JimBo Stewart: We we will be hitting up. Um, our little southeastern tour. We’ll be going from florida to picayune, mississippi then to hattiesburg, mississippi and then to probably New Albany or Batesville, Mississippi to be with Audrey’s parents and then from there up to Arkansas and then back to, Batesville.

And then got some friends we’re going to stop by on the way back in Dothan, Alabama. So we’ll be trekking it all around, all over the place.

Bob Bickford: Now do I remember this right, or am I just imagining this? But don’t you make Christmas breads of some sort? Like, is that your thing where you make a bunch of Christmas breads of

JimBo Stewart: I do that for Easter

Bob Bickford: Okay.

JimBo Stewart: Thanksgiving.

Bob Bickford: All right.

JimBo Stewart: and so what’s funny about that, this year at Thanksgiving, we typically go to someone’s house, [00:04:00] and I cook enough bread for like 40 people. And, so I already had the stuff to cook that much bread, but then my family got sick, and I was one of the only ones well.

And so I had to cook a whole Thanksgiving feast by myself. And I went ahead and cooked enough bread for 40 people, I thought. I did not factor in how much bread my 16 year old will eat in a given day. And, Bob, that bread was gone in like three days.

Bob Bickford: He’s real thin, man.

JimBo Stewart: Yeah.

Bob Bickford: He is like, he is real thin. If I eat that much bread, I couldn’t get out the house. Man, I

JimBo Stewart: Yeah. He tore it up and didn’t gain a single pound. So, vote to be 16 again.

Bob Bickford: yeah, yeah. But man, I, you know, Christmas time, brings a lot of thoughts in terms of, you know, pastoring and renewals and, you know, all that kind of thing. And I remember, the stress of the Christmas Eve service. And so, you know, these guys are probably post that, that are listening to us. [00:05:00] And, maybe you’re going into that last week in December, and, you know, rounding up the new year, hopefully, you might get a break and, and we’ll have some opportunity get some good Christmas cards and gifts and maybe, maybe somebody will shake your hand and there’ll be a little Christmas card in there with a little extra resource, you know, all those sorts of things.

so we, we hope that in all of the busyness of Christmas and traveling and. Trying to figure out, do you, when, when do you get time off and all those sorts of things. I do hope that you have some sense that the Lord is pleased with you and that the Lord loves you and the Christmas season, which reminds us that Jesus came to earth.

to redeem us and restore us

JimBo Stewart: Yeah,

Bob Bickford: be restorative midst of a crazy season that often pastors feel and their families feel around Christmas time.

JimBo Stewart: don’t let the enemy get you. I mean, the enemy loves to use this season, I think, to distract us or discourage us. and so, man listeners, I would encourage [00:06:00] you, turn your eyes to Jesus, find your contentment and your hope and your peace in him, and don’t let, the busyness of the season, the family drama of the season, the lower attendance at church, or, or just seasonal depression affect you to the point that you become discouraged in what it is God has called you to do and who it is he’s called you to be.

Bob Bickford: Yes. And fire up some 80s Christian contemporary Christian music while you’re driving and have a good laugh and sing at the top of your lungs.

JimBo Stewart: Absolutely. Merry Christmas everybody.

Bob Bickford: Merry Christmas.

Bob Bickford, Jimbo Stewart, Merry Christmas, replant

Jimbo Stewart

Replant Bootcamp Co-Host

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