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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

The “Bob” is back in town from his hiatus and joins Jimbo at the Bootcamp to discuss health. Grab an Iced tea or a water and sit right down for a bit more transparent discussion about health, diet, weight and why the boys are taking steps to trim down, shape up and how they are going about it.

Why Address your Health?

  • You might be physically uncomfortable
  • You could be endangering your future
  • Your health impacts your ministry, your family engagement and it’s a stewardship of the body God has given you.
  • You can be so busy in ministry and justify your poor health and poor habits.

Taking some practical steps

  • Get a plan and work it
  • Know your relationship with food-you have one, do you know what it is?
  • Get active and moving (walk, bike, etc.)
  • If you don’t address your health before a crisis, a crisis will cause you to have to address it.

What would you add?  Drop us a line, voicemail or text and let us know.

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