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BONUS EPISODE – Pastoring in a Pandemic Español // EPISODIO EXTRA – Pastorear en una Pandemia

Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp
BONUS EPISODE - Pastoring in a Pandemic Español // EPISODIO EXTRA - Pastorear en una Pandemia

ENGLISH – Today we have Pastor Jaime Lopez from Bell Shoals Iglesia Bautista in Florida, and Pastor David Quiroa de Valley Baptist Español in California. Today we are talking about ways to reach our church through social media, email and phone calls. We will talk about some cost-effective ways to record your sermon. The reasons why Pastor David and Pastor Jaime are choosing to pre-record sermons instead of going live. Then Jaime and David are also discussing the importance of having a team, it is easy to want to do everything on your own, but we are not alone. We hope you enjoy this time with Pastor Jaime and Pastor David
below are some links to the apps and equipment discussed in this podcast

ESPAÑOL – Hoy tenemos al Pastor Jaime Lopez de la Iglesia Bautista de Bell Shoals en Florida, y el Pastor David Quiroa de Valley Baptist Español en California. Hoy estamos hablando de formas de llegar a nuestra iglesia a través de las redes sociales, correo electrónico y llamadas telefónicas. Hablaremos sobre algunas formas de grabar su sermón, con costo minimo. Tambien las razones por las cuales el Pastor David y el Pastor Jaime están eligiendo pregrabar sermones en lugar de ir en vivo los domingos en la mañana. Jaime y David también están abalndo la importancia de tener un equipo, es fácil querer hacer todo solos, pero no estamos solos.

Esperamos que disfrute este tiempo con el pastor Jaime y el pastor David.
A continuación hay algunos enlaces a las aplicaciones y equipos que se tratan en este podcast.


Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

Josh Ellis and Keelan Cook from the Union Baptist Association stopped by The Bootcamp to visit with Bob and Jimbo about considerations in re-opening and leading the church after the Covid19 quarantine ends.


Pastors are all over the board in terms of their plans for resuming church gatherings.

Pastors are asking: “What steps should we take in phasing in a return to gathered worship?  “Should we go back to normal?”

Our advice: No! Don’t go back to normal. Don’t return to a pre-Covid19 state.  There have been so many good things taking place and ministry successes, so keep moving forward.

One concern is that some churches will want to knee-jerk and go back to life as it was pre-Covid19.

This moment of disruption, due to Covid19 is a real godsend to the church. Capitalize on this moment and move forward.

Ken Braddy’s list of 24 questions for Re-opening the church is a great reference point for logistics.

From a leadership standpoint focus on the needs of the people who are in our church, look at the entire system and structure of the church and ask: “Are we rushing back into live services because I want to? Because our people want to? Should we wait for the benefit of our people?”


Regarding lists that you see online for returning to gathered worship know this: it’s just that-a list, a point of reference. Your local context and the needs of your congregation must be considered uniquely.

We suggest getting key leaders together and processing everything logistically and programmatically. Divide them into categories: don’t do this again, start this now, wait to start this later.


We are not post Covid19 yet, the peak is not the goal. The goal is the decline of the infection rate. Officials are talking about opening up the economy to meet the financial needs of businesses and people. This is different from our needs as a church.

We should anticipate that people will likely want to avoid handshakes, hugs, coffee stations, doorknobs, classrooms.

We need to really evaluate what core actions; practices are required to help us fulfill our mission. Our rush to get back together in the building may cause us to overlook the gains we have made during the pause of ministry as normal.

Anticipate that upon returning to gathered worship you will have two groups: those that want to return to community as normal (hugs, handshakes etc.) and those that are afraid to come back and attend worship.  Pastor both groups.

One of the most important leadership actions Pastors can take and need to take in this time is this: multiply yourself, invest in leaders who can share the weight and responsibilities of leading in the local church.

Some encouragement for Pastors right now: let others lead, let others preach, develop them and take time to rest.


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?BONUS EPISODE ? COVID-19 ? Pastoring a Replant in a Pandemic

Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp
?BONUS EPISODE ? COVID-19 ? Pastoring a Replant in a Pandemic

Joining us today on the Bootcamp are some boots on the ground Replanters who share with us how they are thinking and making decisions in the time of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Chris Snider – Catonsville Baptist, Catonsville MD

Evan Skelton – Bayless Baptist Church, St. Louis MO

Stuart Dace – Exchange Church, Arnold MO

Bob Bickford – The Groves Church, Webster Groves MO 

Jimbo Stewart – Redemption Church, Jacksonville FL


CDC Guidelines regarding meeting (as of 3.15.20)

How DC Churches Responded to the public ban on gatherings in 1918


Concerns stated by these boots on the ground Replanters

  • Loss of Momentum in a key time of the year
  • Finances
  • The risk factors associated with having members who are at great risk
  • Losing connection with church members and attenders


How are thinking through staying connected to your congregation in light of a possible eight week pause?

  • This is the time for the local pastor to shine
  • Develop call lists, divide them among leaders, check-in with them and encourage them in practical ways.
  • Text messaging and phone messaging services
  • Writing notes to your congregation and sending via mail
  • Being intentional with your communication-pointing them to scripture
  • Be pastoral in your communication-take into account where your people are, what questions they are asking and lead them to the truth of God’s word.
  • Encourage small groups (eight or less) to meet and care for one another.


How South Korean church gatherings may have spread the Coronavirus

Physicians explain how Coronavirus spreads


What concerns do you have about your long term viability as a Church?

  • Momentum-but we have an opportunity to speak the gospel into a crisis situation right now.
  • Finances: loss in giving and actual expenses, also needs of members whose personal income diminishes during this time.
  • Some replants will have to think through how they might deal with the loss of income from rental fees from groups who use their church facilities.
  • Personally a Replanter should think about ways to be financially nimble-develop a side hustle from which a personal income stream can be developed.


How are you serving or engaging your community during this season?

  • Through a pre-existing relationship Jimbo was invited to do a bible study video for school faculty.
  • Mercy Ministries-by providing meals for kids in need.
  • Offering your building and it’s free wi-fi for those who may need it for online school learning.


How are you leading your family?

  • Praying for and with your family on a regular basis
  • Leading them not to fear and trust in God
  • Explain the dynamics of the situation but also the certainty we have in faith in God.


In Summary

  • Church is more than Sunday worship
  • Shepherd your people well in various ways
  • Pray and think through how you can serve your community
  • Love and lead your family is service that allows a church to set up Text-to-Pay and offers a 30 day free trial. (this is for your reference and not an endorsement)