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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

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Welcome Bootcampers! Today Jimbo and Bob get down to the serious business of talking about the lifecycle of a church. Seasons of growth, plateau and decline are present in almost every church at some point in its history. For some churches a season of decline could lead to its eventual demise. The task of every church is to be keenly aware of where it is presently and what steps toward its future it must take.  Is it time to revitalize or replant? Today’s EP will help you know which is right for your church.

A church asks different questions in different phases of its lifecycle. Which question is your church asking?

  • The question a growing church asks: What must we do?
  • The question a plateaued church asks: How are we doing?
  • The question a declining church must ask: Why are we not growing?

A declining church often asks the wrong question.  It asks “what can we do?” rather than, “why are we dying?”

The Revitalization Window

There is a time period in the life of a church when it has the opportunity to ask the right questions, discern the answers and then chart a course in a new direction.  This is a “revitalization window.” There are perhaps one to three revitalization windows in the life of a church.

  • Revitalization Window 1 – Plateau Stage or onset decline (Change required)
  • Revitalization Window 2 – Persistent/continued decline (Significant change required)
  • Replant Window – Late/critical/significant decline. (Radical change required)

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