EPISODE #70 – Preach the Word

Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp
EPISODE #70 - Preach the Word

In this episode Bob details his Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich experience and Jimbo and his kids went to Wendy’s to throw down on their claim that they’ve ended the Chicken Sandwich wars. Then the boys get around to addressing the six irreducible minimums once again, this time they discuss what it means to Preach the Word by examining it through the lens of PITO.

  • Personal – Preach the Word to yourself: as in Observation – Interpretation – Application.
  • Interpersonally – Preach the Word to your spouse, children with gentleness.
  • Team – Don’t use the Bible as a weapon to harm your team – but to edify your team.
  • Organizationally – Lead your church to be centered on God’s Word. Maybe sermon-based small groups. Teach your church HOW to study God’s Word.

Also, preach through books of the Bible. There are a lot of benefits to preaching expository sermons through a book of the Bible.

PITO Leadership

Wendy’s Chicken Sandwich Wars

Bob’s Yelp Reviews

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