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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

The guys are back at it and joined by, double doctor Josh Dryer who is on hand to breakdown all the demographic info for the area around Bob’s church in STL. Listen to EP 86 Understanding and Utilizing Demographics to get the backstory.

Follow the demographic report as Josh walks Bob through it and shares his insights.

Here are some things to note

  • Look for natural barriers (highways, interstates etc)
  • Education level – this impacts how you go about connecting and reaching the people in your area.
  • Commute time – you can produce podcasts, audio training and devotionals etc. for use while people are traveling to and from work. Your people also have some time for weekday night activities.
  • Languages Spoken – consider offering learning a second language.
  • Racial Diversity – does your congregation match the racial diversity in your area?
  • Age/Stage – is your congregation reflective of the average or median age group? How can you reach them?
  • Affluence – determining how to connect with affluent people can be challenging, consider exploring how to provide opportunities to re-evalute wealth and charity.
  • Dependant people – kids and seniors (look for areas where there are 65+ as Seniors are often an unaddressed population group)

The Tapestry Section

This section describes the majority of people in your area, it doesn’t mean that everyone one fits this description only that the predominate population fits this description.  Those right around Bob’s church are in the top 15% of the wealthiest folks in the US. Josh noted the following:

  • The resources you need for ministry are in the mission field!
  • Individuals in this group have a close knit friend group – you’ll need to discover a person of peace to introduce you to the population.
  • Food and diet classes, Farmer’s market etc. might be ways to reach them.
  • They go to nice places – so your church facilities need to look nice as well.
  • They are often out of town – on vacations, weekend trips etc.

Some Suggestions from Josh

  • Go where they are – I noticed there are some golf courses and country clubs
  • Consider a Business Men’s bible study where a known personality shares his story/testimony.
  • Explore what people in your population are into and then consider ways to connect there interest with your ministry and the gospel.

The Free Demographics Report is paused now but check back and see when you can get one for your church

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