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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

What a great episode we have in store for you today; Double Doctor and Pastor of Fifth Street Baptist Church in Key West, Josh Dryer, stopped by the bootcamp to talk about the value of demographic reports for your replant. Listen all the way through and then sign up for your FREE, yes FREE customized demographics report. (In an upcoming episode Josh will walk Bob through the demographics report for his church in STL)

  • A demographics report helps you understand who lives around you: what they enjoy, how the spend their money, what is important to them, what languages they speak.
  • A good demographics study will help you understand the personal motivations to the people in your church’s context-from that you can develop strategy.
  • A good demographics report will also help you determine what not to do in terms of strategy.

How do you start putting the info together for a demographics report?

  • Decide a range to survey: zip code, miles around the church, specific city
  • Determine what you want to know about the people around you: what are their concerns, how they spend money, what causes they are motivated to give time and resources toward.

How can a demographics study help you understand your church context?

  • It helps you discern motivations of the people around you
  • It helps you discover the causes that those in your community care about
  • It can help you decide what not to do
  • It can provide several options for you to consider as strategic approaches to engage your community.

Thanks Josh!

Want a free demographics report?  Click here: Free Demographics Report

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