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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

Replant Ninja and Top shelf DOM, Johnny Rumbough, from the Lexington Baptist Association, stops by the Bootcamp and talks about the important role of the Transitional Pastor in setting a church up for Replanting Success.

Here are some of the insights Johnny shared about his experience in Replanting local churches.

  • The Church has to be ready
    • They have to be willing to take everything off the table (preferences, biases etc.)
    • They have to submit their desires to God’s desire for the local church
  • An Interim Pastor is in the unique position to assist a church to take steps toward its future
  • It doesn’t necessarily take a long time to get a church ready if they are willing to take the right steps to pursue a better future.
  • Taking advantage of the opportunity to train Pastor search committees and guide them through a process represents a great opportunity to help them move forward.
  • I learned to use the word “Futuring” rather than Revitalization and it helped resistant churches say yes to the consultation process.
  • We’ve been able to recommend pastoral candidates to the churches we take through the “Futuring Process”
  • In working with the churches I’ve developed a process of having everyone who will participate to join in a small group to do two things:
    • Tell their Jesus story
    • Share their church story

Johnny mentioned the Associational Replanting Guide, you can download a copy here. If you are an Associational leader, pastor or want to help churches in their futuring process we invite you to join us early 2023 for the Replant Practitioner training, held in Atlanta GA. Watch here are the bootcamp or go to for details in October regarding registration. Also, sign up for the Replant Collective and hear about all the great events via a twice monthly email.

We would love to hear your Replant story. Drop us a line, voice mail or leave a comment in the show notes! Thanks for being a Bootcamp Listener!


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