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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

Happy New Year from the boot camp boys! We hope it’s off to a great start for you and your church. In today’s episode Wesley Lewis, owner and creative director of OneEighty.digital (our exclusive, illustrious and awesome podcast sponsor) stops by to explain how COVID19 has changed the internet.¬† And….you’ll also learn a couple things about the boot camp bros…

  • Bob discloses his favorite TV show is Home Town
  • Jimbo Admits his dream job would be hosting¬† a show like “Triple D”

Now, to the important topic: How Covid Changed the Internet.

  • Just about everyone-we mean everyone is streaming their worship services
  • There has been a 20-30% increase in web traffic
  • The web is the front door of the Church
  • Desktop and Devices (smart TV) are growing in usage over mobile devices
  • Getting information out quickly is imperative
  • You can’t rely on one platform (email, text, facebook, webpage)
  • Your webpage has to updated every week-you can’t replace with social media
  • Interaction is key-you must have a response form or direct your audience

What are the current website trends?

  • A shift to function over form-finding info, navigation has to be EASY.
  • Embedding your livestream b/c many people don’t have social media.
  • Online Giving, Contact forms and calls to action

With everyone online a lot of people are struggling with screen fatigue, how can we address that?

  • Extend the time of interaction before and after your livestream
  • Offer ways to interact personally (analog via calls, texts etc)
  • Provide questions, downloadable resources for your audience.


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