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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

We’re back! Discussing the irreducible minimums of ministry that we can focus on as we shepherd and lead the church during this season. Our topic today-making disciples. We have been using the PITO Air Force Leadership model as a framework. Jump in and give it a listen. Have questions, feedback? We would love to hear from you, drop us a comment, email or text.

The mission according to Mark Clifton: “make disciples who make disciples who make the community a noticeably better place.


  • You have to be a disciple yourself
  • Engage in personal spiritual practices on your own
  • Prayer by Tim Keller has a great description of our soul and a boat.


  • Who are your 2-3 who discipling yourself?
  • A disciple is someone who is a little further down the road than another person in their walk with Christ.
  • Discipling another person/s is a non-negotiable for us as a Pastor.


  • Disciple your team as “lead disciplers” this is both in content and practice
  • Challenge/Require every team member to be a discipler of others
  • Prioritize discipling over “ministering” or doing administrative tasks.


  • Your church needs a Discipleship Pathway-how will you strategically lead someone to Jesus and help them grow in Jesus?
  • Just attending church and going to small group/sunday school isn’t discipleship
  • Encourage discipleship through your preaching and teaching regularly

Recommended Resources

No Silver Bullets by Daniel Im

Disciplines of a Godly Man by R. Kent Hughes

Growing up by Robby Gallaty

Cultivating a life for God by Neil Cole

Gospel Centered Life by Bob Thune


Fun Stuff

The official definition of grits

Maple Street Biscuit Company


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