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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

The Bootcamp Bros are back at it and this time they are musing about what they would go back and do differently in their first 100 days as Replanters. It’s not too late if you’re into your Replanting Journey, pray, develop a plan, recruit some leaders, pick a starting point, and go for it.

Jimbo started with something “not” to do: Forget your family. You can throw yourself in so deeply that you neglect your family during the first 100 days-don’t do that!

Here are more suggestions

  • Schedule plenty of face time with the congregation to have fun and fellowship! You need connection time to develop relationships and become their pastor.
  • Identify the “influencers and powerbrokers” Note: there are directional influencers and emotional influencers-there’s a difference you need to know they difference and who they are.
  • Learn about your community buy getting a great demographics report-we suggest Double Doc-Josh Dryer, get your free demo report here. Additionally-pound the pavement-ask people in your community; “If our church were going to serve this community in some meaningful way-what would that be?”
  • Change something physical in a visible way-not the flags, the history room etc. but something that catches the eye and helps people know-things are changing.
  • Find out where God is already at work in your church and community-and then join him.
  • Celebrate and commemorate your first 100 days!

What would you do differently in your first 100 days?  Drop us a line, send us a text-we would love to hear from you.

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