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EP 148 – When You Blow It Big Time

Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp
EP 148 - When You Blow It Big Time

Have you ever blown it? Like, really blown it. Have you blown it like this guy –

Let’s talk about three ways you can blow it….

Disqualifying – you do something to disqualify yourself from ministry (in some cases people debate about this one, we think scripture is clear)

Actions: repent, resign, enter into a process of spiritual not positional restoration. (don’t already have a vision of when you are able to get “back” into ministry in mind.

Consider a ministry partner like and/or consider getting some time away and some pastoral support at

Disconcerting – something that causes those led by you to feel unsettled. (not disqualifying)

Disappointing – Something that lets others down, misses the mark of their expectations etc.

If you’ve made a mistake on the caliber of the latter two…here are some options….


Connect with those who have been hurt or offended  Matt 5:23

Correct a misstep or wrong or hurtful action – an unqualified apology  Romans 12:18

Consider (for you) how this took place, what happened what was said, done etc. know the why’s behind the action.  The 5 Why’s

Don’t be paralyzed by a mistake – you’re going to make them, you will not lead without offending, misstating and even doing something wrong-own it, deal with it and then move forward.

Other misc. thoughts.

Sit with your mistake and process it – think it through

You can be right but in the wrong way

Our great partners at one eighty digital can help you avoid blowing it when it comes to  your church website and branding. Contact them today and let them know you are a bootcamp listener. I promise they won’t make their own kingdom in the video room. 

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