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Episode #25 – šŸ„¾Boots on the Ground HighlightšŸ„¾with Walker Armstrong

Episode #25 – šŸ„¾Boots on the Ground HighlightšŸ„¾with Walker Armstrong
Replant Bootcamp

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Pilot Mountain Associational Ā Missional Strategist Walker Armstrong stopped by the bootcamp when we were in ATL for the Replant Practitioner Lab.Ā  Here are some of the highlights.


There are a lot of characters in dying churches.Ā 

Humor is a great way to not make a big deal about something — but also to address difficulty.Ā 

Humor, well used can bring back hope.

If youā€™re going to see a movement in Replanting — you got to have an Assessment process.

Things to note when working with a congregation that needs to be Replanted

-Donā€™t be in a hurry

-Compromise where you can

-Serve the congregation and invest in them

-There is value of having an outside voice, someone who cares and can help them see the truth.


The Value of Associations for struggling churches and Replanters

-Partnership with NAMB and the training for Associational leaders

-Networking among churches and pastors


What are the inherent challenges as an Associational Leader in working with struggling churches?

-They have money in the bank and can meet together indefinitely while living off of those resources

-They are not living on mission or impacting the community



Q:What one piece of advice would you share with a Replanter/Pastor?

A: How is your soul?Ā  We minister out of our relationship with the Lord-we can have a lot of talent but if we are not spiritually connected to Jesus then we will crash.


Psalm 127:7 ā€œHe is not afraid of bad news; his heart is firm, trusting in the Lord.ā€


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