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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

Hey there Bootcampers!  The guys are back for a brief rest from their travels before heading out on the road again and they took time to catch up with Rick Wheeler, Director of the Florida Baptist Foundation (Stewardship Simplified.)

Together with Rick, we spent some time talking about church finances, a topic that may be overlooked until there are issues. But, we need to be proactive in our talk about finances. Grab a notebook, listen in and glean some great insights in the world of finance.

Stewardship: is the God honoring management of resources as an obedient and a faithful disciple of Jesus.

Here are some other great insights from Rick:

  • Be Intentional in talking about Stewardship
  • Ensure appropriate and adequate financial controls and accountability (2 sets of eyes and hands, accurate reports, separation of duties)
  • Bring in an outside voice and eyes to assist your church in setting policies and practices. (State Convention, Association, organization.)
  • Communicate with the congregation-let them know about your financial controls and accountability structures.
  • Understand what a budget is:
    • A goal-something you are leaning toward-make it faith oriented
    • A guess-it is not for sure or certain
    • A guide-it helps you know the boundaries and it serves as a guide
    • It is not a “god”

Listen all the way to the end for more great info from Rick on this important topic.

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Episode #14 – Dealing with Church Debt in a Replant with Boots on the Ground Guest Kyle Bueerman

Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp
Episode #14 - Dealing with Church Debt in a Replant with Boots on the Ground Guest Kyle Bueerman

Pastor Kyle Bueermann, First Baptist Church Alamogordo NM

Background: Kyle was called to Replant/Revitalize a church with 60 people that was in 900K in debt.

Q: How do you deal with debt in a Replant?

Be certain of your call: the call to Replant a church is a necessity-especially when that church is in a difficult situation.

Commit to the church: Kyle says; “We bought a house to show the congregation that we were all in, we put ourselves on the line, I knew I needed to do that so I wouldn’t have an out.”

Find/Partner with a friendly lender and communicate with them regularly. FBC had the benefit of their note being with their denominational lender.

Be open and honest about your situation with those who are coming to be part of your church.

Look for ways to reduce your debt: we’ve been praying and seeking sell our land but also exercising patience.

Steady consistent and faithful leadership is important to create a positive attitude and culture among your people.

We are confident that God is not surprised by our circumstances-and we’re trusting him to provide and lead.

Define Reality and provide hope, and understand the thing that brings hope is the Gospel.

Be patient-in a Replant nothing happens fast.



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