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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

Today on the Bootcamp the guys continue their musings on “consultation” by asking then answering is your church ready to receive a consultation?  Bob tells a winding tale about a bear that was running lose in his neighborhood and then lands the plane.  Here are the takeaways to determine if your church is ready for consultation.

  1. The church has to be ready to do something about the problem
  2. There needs to be a sense of urgency-things cannot stay the same
  3. There should be an eagerness to hear from Jesus, about what He wants for the church
  4. A church needs to be ready to accept the reality of where they are and surrender to what Jesus reveals as his plan for the church
  5. A church has to tear up their non-negotiable list (if they have one) and follow Jesus fully

Some additional considerations

-Pastor, you need a team, bring people with you as you meet and consider what the consultant has to say, don’t meet with him alone.

-The goal in a consultation is to gain awareness of where you are and what God wants for your church

-History is a great resource for insight into the reasons why church may act like it does, it explains it but it does not excuse those things.

Check out Flickering Lamps from Blackaby Ministries International as your church considers its future.

Did you miss part 1?  Give it a listen here.


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