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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

In this episode Jimbo talks about his transition away from his role as a full time Pastor to full work with the Replant team of the North American Mission Board. As they unpack Jimbo’s story listen in on some of the key insights as you might consider a transition yourself.

  • Evaluate your call on a regular basis
  • Never abandon your call because ministry is difficult
  • Consider “catalytic” moments that reveal your passion or changing passion
  • Examine your heart before the Lord: “Is this a distraction?” “Is there any selfish ambition?”
  • Consult your mentors and ask them for feedback
  • Exercise caution not to “over spiritualize” the decision
  • Discuss the decision with your spouse
  • Prayerfully consider that someone else may be better suited to lead the church forward

Sometimes the work of Replanting a church can be destructive to you-here are some of the warning signs.

  • Difficulty in your marriage or family
  • You are spiritual dry and your relationship with God has gone cold
  • You are engaging in sin or destructive habits

Are you in need of help? Don’t go it alone, reach out to a local counselor, or call the Pastor Help Line: 1-844-Pastor1

Stay tuned for Pt.2 next week.

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Episode #14 – Dealing with Church Debt in a Replant with Boots on the Ground Guest Kyle Bueerman

Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp
Episode #14 - Dealing with Church Debt in a Replant with Boots on the Ground Guest Kyle Bueerman

Pastor Kyle Bueermann, First Baptist Church Alamogordo NM

Background: Kyle was called to Replant/Revitalize a church with 60 people that was in 900K in debt.

Q: How do you deal with debt in a Replant?

Be certain of your call: the call to Replant a church is a necessity-especially when that church is in a difficult situation.

Commit to the church: Kyle says; “We bought a house to show the congregation that we were all in, we put ourselves on the line, I knew I needed to do that so I wouldn’t have an out.”

Find/Partner with a friendly lender and communicate with them regularly. FBC had the benefit of their note being with their denominational lender.

Be open and honest about your situation with those who are coming to be part of your church.

Look for ways to reduce your debt: we’ve been praying and seeking sell our land but also exercising patience.

Steady consistent and faithful leadership is important to create a positive attitude and culture among your people.

We are confident that God is not surprised by our circumstances-and we’re trusting him to provide and lead.

Define Reality and provide hope, and understand the thing that brings hope is the Gospel.

Be patient-in a Replant nothing happens fast.



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