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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

Welcome back to the Bootcamp! In today’s EP, we get to hear an amazing story about a church merger that took place during the pandemic. Pastor Sam Tunnel, of Immanuel Fellowship stopped by to break it all down. Please remember to pray for JimBo’s sister and their family as she is having brain surgery tomorrow (6/2/22), JimBo will join us once again soon.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Prayer is super essential
  • You need a process to follow, get one, work it and keep going unless God redirects
  • In every church merger there are challenges: worship style, budgets, staffing, volunteers
  • Humility is required by both churches in order for a merger to work out
  • Get help-check out the new revised version of Better Together by Bird and Tomberlin

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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

The boys are back picking up where they left off-talking transitions in ministry, specifically how Jimbo became a “denominational guy” and why. Check it out as we discuss the importance of learning, serving and letting God lead you on a journey in ministry.

How did you begin the path to becoming a denominational man?

  • There was a key moment when I remember my passion quickening after having a conversation and helping a local pastor.
  • Networking and Partnership has always been important to me and something that I practiced from the early days of ministry.
  • I contacted my Association as soon as I moved to Florida and said I’m here to learn and serve.
  • I began to ask my Associational Leader questions about Replanting and Revitalization, all the time!
  • I had the idea and passion to help others not make the mistakes and experiencing the pain I had as a Replanter.
  • My Associational Leader saw that passion and drive and gave me the opportunity to serve.

How did you decide you need to make the switch and transition out of Pastoring a local Replant?

  • I realized my church needed someone who could give more than I was able to give
  • The church needed someone with a different skill set who could take the church to a new place.
  • It was the obvious next step to me and confirmed by those around me.

An important question to ask: Are you willing to do the work (serve other pastors, churches) with no pay and little recognition?

(From Jimbo’s Mentor) There are three kinds of denominational leaders

  • They one who sees his position and as a promotion and believes he has arrived-and is immediately irrelevant.
  • The one who sees his position as a way to end or retire-and is immediately irrelevant.
  • The one who has a passion to serve pastors and churches with everything he has-be that guy.

Learn to be content with the pace of your ministry and the pace of your ministry and let God direct both.


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