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Episode #32 – Coping with the Covid19 Crazies We Feel As Pastors

Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp
Episode #32 - Coping with the Covid19 Crazies We Feel As Pastors

EP 32 – Coping with the Covid19 Crazies We Feel As Pastors

Are you beaten down by the pervasiveness of the Covid19 pandemic? The boys talk about what they are finding encouraging, challenging and how they are personally navigating this unique season in ministry.

Bob has been encouraged by the activation of the body for ministry and mission

Jimbo is finding a lot of joy in connecting with people from his church and past years in ministry through his morning Cup of Coffee with Jimbo on Facebook.

Both of us are struggling with the disconnect with people from our church.  

It is important to be honest-this is impacting us mentally.

How are we coping?  What are our outlets?

  • Prayer
  • Getting outside
  • Walking and exercise
  • Hobbies and productive activities


It is also important to lament, to be honest about your sadness.  

It is important to understand that the pain that we are feeling connects us to the work of God in us.

As we think through returning to the church what are some important things to consider?

  • Be aware of the guidelines for returning from the federal, state and local officials.
  • Develop a “Phase” approach with clear steps and instructions.
  • Prepare Now! Don’t wait until the last minute.
  • Walk through your building and see everything from the perspective of someone who is concerned about infection.
  • Involve medical personnel, get their advice and input.
  • Pastor-prepare your heart, adjust your expectations, understand that people may not return right away.

Don’t go this alone-if you are struggling, reach out for help. 

Here’s a copy of the plan Bob’s church put together: The Groves Church Regathering Plan

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Articles we are finding helpful:

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Jimbo Stewart

Replant Bootcamp Co-Host

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