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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

What a great episode we have in store for you today; Double Doctor and Pastor of Fifth Street Baptist Church in Key West, Josh Dryer, stopped by the bootcamp to talk about the value of demographic reports for your replant. Listen all the way through and then sign up for your FREE, yes FREE customized demographics report. (In an upcoming episode Josh will walk Bob through the demographics report for his church in STL)

  • A demographics report helps you understand who lives around you: what they enjoy, how the spend their money, what is important to them, what languages they speak.
  • A good demographics study will help you understand the personal motivations to the people in your church’s context-from that you can develop strategy.
  • A good demographics report will also help you determine what not to do in terms of strategy.

How do you start putting the info together for a demographics report?

  • Decide a range to survey: zip code, miles around the church, specific city
  • Determine what you want to know about the people around you: what are their concerns, how they spend money, what causes they are motivated to give time and resources toward.

How can a demographics study help you understand your church context?

  • It helps you discern motivations of the people around you
  • It helps you discover the causes that those in your community care about
  • It can help you decide what not to do
  • It can provide several options for you to consider as strategic approaches to engage your community.

Thanks Josh!

Want a free demographics report?  Click here: Free Demographics Report

Josh’s Daughter’s Etsy store

Adventure Landing Jacksonville Westside


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[00:00:00] JimBo Stewart: Back at it again at the replant bootcamp. And so excited Bob still in his daughter’s college dorm room that we discussed last week is significantly nicer than any of our,

Bob Bickford: Yeah. Well, let me clarify. It’s actually not a dorm room. It is. It’s an apartment complex because Jimbo that’s, I could be in trouble for being a 50 year old plus guy in a college girl’s dorm room.

JimBo Stewart: it’s your daughter.

Bob Bickford: They’ll well, that’s true on parent’s day parents visitation, but I’m actually, she lives in a townhome community with a swimming pool, a weight room, a dog-walking park.

And it ain’t what I lived in, in college. So.

JimBo Stewart: it ain’t what I live in. Now. I want to tell you a little story, tell you a little story about the West side of Jacksonville

Josh Dryer: The best side.

JimBo Stewart: My son’s 14th birthday was Saturday. So we decided to take him to adventure landing now in Jacksonville, uh, which our guest [00:01:00] today will Josh dryer and we’re up to Jacksonville for a season.

So he knows they’re there are two adventure landings. There’s one on the West side, close to my house. And there’s one in what’s called the beaches area.

Bob Bickford: what is adventure landing? Can you just give me a 60,000 foot view of adventure landing?

JimBo Stewart: Yeah, so, I mean, it’s, go-karts putt putt arcade.

Bob Bickford: Okay.

JimBo Stewart: But the one at, by the beaches also has a water park. It has put, put arcade go-karts on all the things, but it also has a water park. Now the one next to me does not have a waterpark and it is a very different experience to go to the one on the West side than to go to the beaches.

One. we’re at the West side, Saturday evening at adventure landing. I’ve already run all the kids through the go-carts once it’s now my wife’s turn to run the kids to the go-karts and so Adria is riding with Magnolia. And a drunk driver, a drunk go-kart driver [00:02:00] starts weaving all over the place.

Bob Bickford: wait, they don’t breathalyze the guy or they don’t do like a visual SoBro. Is there a 14 year old running this go-kart thing?

JimBo Stewart: Yeah, basically. Yeah, yeah. Basically. And so this guy is apparently like just swerving all over the place and intentionally hitting everyone. And, and T-bones one lady, like, I mean, just, uh, nihilists her, it’s it’s so I’m just sitting there like close them eyes, rested my eyes while they’re on, they’re taking a break.

And all of a sudden this lady comes to snack, sits next to me at the. Picnic table next to mine. And she’s crying. She’s weeping that the workers are checking on her to make sure she’s okay. Audrey and the kids come over, they immediately go to her, go, are you okay? And I was like, man, obviously I missed something.

Right. And so they, they go on to tell me about this guy who was going after everybody. And here’s what I realized it was the Providence of God. That it was Audria in the go-kart with Maggie and not me. It says [00:03:00] fight flight or freeze. I’m fight free time. And if I’m driving a go-cart with my daughter on it, and you try to T-bone me, I’m getting out of the go-kart and I’m dragging you out a year. it was just a gift from the Lord that I was not on that go-cart. So then later on we do the arcade. 60% of the games are out of order. And, and so we get all of our tickets and you go to the counter to get your dollar tree prize for your tickets. And, and the ladies in front of us, there’s this lady with the kids, another lady comes up and she just yells male male, and the lady turns around and there’s a way you can say ma’am in the South that, you know, somebody is in trouble.

And so the lady turns around, she goes, your son made my daughter cry and we’re going to deal with it. And they start, I mean, just add each other. [00:04:00] I thought it was about to be a cat fight, the guy working the ticket counter, like literally just fold his arm and leans back. Cause he’s like, I mean,

Bob Bickford: but have you seen this before? Right? This is not new.

Josh Dryer: He calls that Saturday night.

JimBo Stewart: yeah.

This is a weekly occurrence, right? So the cops show up, Adria has to fill out an incident report off of the drug driver for the go-kart the whole, I mean, it was just, it was a fascinating day. So needless to say, I don’t live in a nice fancy town home.

Bob Bickford: Yeah, that’s awesome. Now you sent me a picture too. I think it was late Saturday night of the prize or one of the things that you could buy with arcade tickets,

JimBo Stewart: Let’s do one. Yeah. One of the prizes you could get with the tickets at first glance just looks like a kid’s science kit or something. No, no, no. When you read the packaging it’s shot glasses, [00:05:00] So that’s the West side. Uh, now our guest today is familiar with the West side of Jacksonville. He is familiar with Jacksonville and all the many places that he has lived in served Jacksonville is, uh, the greatest, right? It’s the greatest city. Great city. So today we have Bob, Dr. Dr. Josh dryer. So we’re not talking doctor like we’re talking doctor, doctor.

Double Dr. Josh dryer.

Josh Dryer: First one didn’t take that. Took two to make it work. Yeah.

JimBo Stewart: And so he has had an interesting trajectory and path and ministry of planting churches in rural communities in being a church planting strategist for the Jacksonville Baptist association and in revitalization now, and professor at Midwestern seminary and all the things. And. So the crux of what we’re going to get to here in a little bit, a [00:06:00] demographics expert, like the expert of all experts.

And so, uh, we’re excited to

have double doctor, doctor, doctor, really good friend of mine, Josh dryer. Uh, welcome to the bootcamp, Josh.

Josh Dryer: Thanks guys. I’m excited to be here. This is already has changed my life. Just listening to this introduction. I’ll never be the same again.

Bob Bickford: It’s only going down from here, bro.

JimBo Stewart: our dozens of listeners will chuckle when they live

Bob Bickford: And Jimbo’s mom.

JimBo Stewart: Josh, give us just a brief synopsis of some of the fun things you have gotten to do, in ministry prior to being a revitalizer.

Josh Dryer: Well, you know, one of the fun things that came to mind when you brought up, your trip to adventure landing was a church planting events that I think you came to.  we went to the, we went to the high quality adventure landing on the beaches and, uh, my kids loved it. the best part of the whole event was they came [00:07:00] screaming out of one of the water rides because some little kid pooped in the tunnel and, uh, no one could get out cause they were trapped in there.

So that, so Bob, if you ever come to Jacksonville, I’m going to go, I’m going to drive up and we’re all going to adventure landing together.

Bob Bickford: No, I have, I have, uh, I am against the waterpark. So I had a bad experience in hot Springs, Arkansas. We went to the, like the hillbilly water park of Arkansas.

And, uh, I was like, you know what? There’s like grass, there’s straw wrappers. I think there’s a, a wet sock. And then there’s a lot of hair and I was like, I’m out. Like, I’m never doing another waterpark. So I’ll pay. Yes.

Josh Dryer: That sounds like you’re describing the one we go to,

man, God’s been gracious to me and I’ve had a lot of opportunities, to do some, some cool things for him. I’ve been in church planter, planted a few churches in the [00:08:00] past. served at a, as a adjunct instructor for Midwestern seminary Baptist college of Florida. enjoy kind of having my foot in the academic world as well.

It keeps me sharp. I had an opportunity to serve, um, as associate pastor doing some things with, um, satellite campuses in the past. And then, served before I came down here to key West. I was, basically a church planting strategist for Jacksonville Baptist association. And we got that’s where I met Jimbo and we did a lot of work together.

And planted, helped, helped equip train, send out church planners and probably a, unknown fact about that whole movement we were part of in Jacksonville is probably like 70% of the planters we sent out were, were, um, non-English speaking immigrants. So we in a lot of churches in Jacksonville around Jacksonville, cause at that, during that season, we had a lot of folks coming out of refugee camps to Jacksonville being resettled in our city.

So we equip them and, help plant all kinds of language churches [00:09:00] as well as, you know, non nonwhite churches. So of our churches we planted, we would play at 10, 15 a year. And probably only, maybe like three of them were white English speaking churches. So we had a very ethnically diverse ministry there.

It was pretty awesome. And, uh, I ate over that three and a half years. More kinds of interesting food than you gentlemen probably could think of. I’ve had a beef end trails if you’ve ever seen any at Jones in temple of doom. That’s my, that was my life on a regular basis. See, at a table with people watching me and waiting to see if I’m going to eat.

what they put in front of me and I did for the cause of Christ and, uh, we’ve had all kinds of shots, you know, as a, as a result of that as well. So

Bob Bickford: You’re talking about the medical kind of shots, not the shot glass kind of

Josh Dryer: no. We’re good. A new direction. Yeah. Medical shots tested for all kinds of specialists. recently, uh, as we were serving up in Jacksonville, everything was going [00:10:00] great, but kind of felt the Lord was calling us back into pastoral ministry. And we’re connected through a mutual friend who, a church here in key West. And, as you guys probably know, I have experienced, we were called to a church that didn’t know that they needed to re to engage in revitalization.

And so we kinda got here and then surprised,

We figured out that we had a lot of work to do. And it was funny. Cause I remember telling Jimbo in Jacksonville that he’s my hero. cause only a crazy man revitalize a church. I’m like anybody could play it to church, but for someone to intentionally go into a church to revitalize, he’s gotta be crazy.

And then God in his humor and wisdom sent me to one and uh, we found ourselves kind of knee deep into revitalization and uh, we’ve been at it for three years. And praise the Lord. We’re almost through our third year,

which has not been pleasant, but God’s been good to us and gracious and we’ve seen growth.

And, a lot of hard things happened, but a lot of good things happen too. So June is my third year anniversary and we’re kind of, [00:11:00] I was just talking to some of our leaders in my wife that we’re kind of over that third year hump. It, it, it, all of a sudden just happened. We had a few meetings, we feel like we’ve.

Gotten over that. And we’re, we’re in a really good place right now, so,

Bob Bickford: that’s awesome. That third year is tough, now is key West in the U S

Josh Dryer: okay.

Bob Bickford: my question. Is it actually in the U S.

Josh Dryer: It depends on who you ask. So locals who grew up here would declare that we are an independent sovereign con condition, which they did declare back a few decades. Couple decades ago, we declared our, independence from the United States. Which is why we’re called the conquer public. and we declared war the United States then shut down U S one and prevented any resources from coming here.

So our independence less than 24 hours and the United States promised to give us several million dollars and they never did.

  1. We were the fools in that regard. So if you ask a conch, we’re the conch Republic. If you ask, people, a large percentage of our people from Cuba, we [00:12:00] are, we would not be a United States.

We’re, we’re sort of a Cuban, satellite campus of the nation of Cuba.

if you ask our Haitians, they would say we’re kind of little Haiti.

so we are a diverse, interesting, Island that’s for sure. Yes,


JimBo Stewart: Talk to us about the differences in your experiences in church planting and in revitalization. So you planted in Iowa where all of you planted churches.

Josh Dryer: We play in churches in orange park.

a couple different churches in orange park in Jacksonville.

JimBo Stewart: Okay. So what, what has been the biggest differences for you between revitalization and planting?

Josh Dryer: I would say the single greatest difference is the slow, steady crawl and revitalization, slow and steady bringing people along, changing people’s minds.

writing, you know, a church plant would be equivalent of like a speed boat and a revitalization is like the Titanic. And,

you could try and turn the Titanic like a [00:13:00] speedboat, and you’re just gonna.

Rec everything has to be a big, big problem. So, I would say the slow, steady rate of change for me as a church planter and not really having pastored a legacy church before revitalizing one, the slow, steady change

JimBo Stewart: So if, a church plant is a speedboat, a church and revitalization as a sinking Titanic, a replant is a sinking canoe. That turns like the Titanic.

Josh Dryer: Yeah. Yeah, that would be very, yeah, that’s probably a fair, a fair analogy. Yeah. The benefits we had here were the church,

fifth street. When I got here, it was very healthy financially.

didn’t have a lot of debt,

and knew they knew before I came that they wanted to make some changes. And even made some changes to the, um, bylaws and the constitution and things like that.

that were good. Uh, the changes they made were good, but when I got here, no one had sat down [00:14:00] and walked them through the day-to-day changes that the bylaws and, uh, and the constitution that they, that they changed, they didn’t actually work through what that means. And so when I got here, we had a big family meeting and I had a group of people that were weeping because they had been stripped of power and authority.

And another group had kind of orchestrated taking that from them. And no one ever sat down and actually had that meeting where the people that were sad got to tell everybody, I’m sad. I used to do this and now I don’t do this. And, and that, that was kind of, that was kind of the biggest surprise. Was about a month after I got here, we had a, what I thought was going to be a business meeting about,

you know, some new positions in our ministry and things like that.

And all of a sudden, it just kind of like a,

like a fist. It just happened. And I sat, I was in the middle of it and I looked at Darlene and I said, wow, I didn’t know this was going to happen. And then all of a sudden you’re in the middle of it. And then everybody’s looking at you, you’re the pastor. What are we going to do?

And I’m like, wow, I was not ready for that at all. [00:15:00] And, you know,

Bob Bickford: I think we need to get a t-shirt to every re planter and revitalizer set that says something like this. I didn’t see that comment.  So, I mean, cause it, it just hits in that I was with the guy this morning and he’s talking about, the first incident that, that happened at the church and he like I’ll may it’s on right?

It is on. And one of the things that Josh, you bring an expertise that is so valuable is in studying demographics populations. You just mentioned that the cultural makeup of the church there in key West, which is absolutely different from Iowa and it has every church. Has a culture and that culture is shaped and formed by the people, groups around it and what’s around it.

So can you talk about how you got into demographics and really what that, why that is so important in thinking through leading in a local church?

Josh Dryer: Sure. Yeah. So what happened was I was at,

serving at the JBA, the Jacksonville Baptist association. We went and toured and spent a day with the union [00:16:00] Baptist association in Houston, Texas. They were kind of like a tier above us as far as like number of churches and kind of what they were doing.

the, me, the version of me that was there, who was also named was Josh.

he’s now the, he’s now the leader of that association?

Bob Bickford: Good friend of ours, Josh Ellis.

Josh Dryer: Yes. Okay. So Josh Ellis, talked about one of his. One of his, uh, sort of, uh, ministries that he did there, which was demographic study. And man, he said that, and as soon as he said it, I’m like, I kind of went in like a dreamland. I’m like, I love everything, everything you just said.

I want to do all of that. That’s what my heart was saying. And so I talked to Rick, my boss, Rick Wheeler, and I said, Hey. What do you think about what Josh said? Cause I loved that and he said, I love that too.

let’s get you to the training. So I went to Colorado and there was a ministry there that did the training.

They’re no longer functioning as a ministry, but they did the training and they would train a lot of international missionaries that would use this, this study in their work internationally. And Josh, as far as I could tell was kind of the only [00:17:00] one of the only guys that was doing this in the U S and at that time he would go to Georgia.

Alabama, he would go to all kinds of States and do this for conventions. So I’m like, man, I love this idea.

and as I, after I was trained, I started to digging into the science and the art of demographic and missiological study. I started to adopt,

international missiological principles of studies to North America.

And not a lot of people were doing that then.

and I saw instantly. You know, the benefit of demographic missiological study to developing strategies, to reach a community for Jesus. So as at the very basic level, all I do is help people answer questions about their, their ministry context, so they can develop and apply ministry practices that make the gospel proclamation of the gospel more effective.

That’s pretty much very simple and basic. I help you discover who lives around you, what they care about, what they do for fun, how they spend their money, uh, what languages they speak, all of those things to help [00:18:00] you develop strategies, to reach them with the gospel.

JimBo Stewart: Give us some examples of how you have seen that applied. Well, when somebody gains that demographic information and they take that and they develop a strategy. What are some ways you’ve seen that applied with excellence?

Josh Dryer: So, a few, like, uh, at a very basic level, one particular church was interested in sort of putting their toe in the water of Christian education.

and their first step was going to be a, you know, a Christian like day school or preschool. they want to know like, you know, should we do that? Is there anyone around us?

So I developed a, you know, a map for them

that showed all the preschoolers that lived in all the neighborhoods within probably about five miles.

And so I could tell them, like, you know, in this segment of the population, so I can narrow down my study as far as maybe like two to three city blocks. And then of course it goes as big as the world.

so we narrowed down, okay. And this two or three city blocks, you’ve got, you know, like 65 birth through,

you know, two year olds. So if you want to start something [00:19:00] up, this is, this is the age group I would start with with the school. So that’s just like a simple explanation. And then,

another pastor that he had really had a heart for the community and reaching,

other ethnic groups.

And so I helped him identify, you know, within the neighborhoods around your church. there’s actually, you know, this huge population of Haitians and he’s like, I had no idea they were there and it ended up being an apartment complex where they kind of end up settling as you guys probably know.

foreign born people, groups 10 to populate together.

I mean, that’s a standard kind of principle of, of human beings, but, foreign and more people, especially foreign born when they come to the U S they find people like them and they populate together. Cause there’s safety in a culture that’s like your own. And so we planted a, we ended up planting a Haitian church in his church.

Starting with that apartment complex, where we discovered all the Haitian people living.

that was a couple of examples of, you know, another one might be,

one pastor wanted to start a, you know, a Spanish speaking church. He just had it in his heart. [00:20:00] He wanted to Spanish speaking, Service, we did the study and there were no Spanish speakers around his church.

So he was something like, you could do this, but you know, there’s like five Spanish speaking people, you know, in one mile of your church would probably not be a great idea.

Bob Bickford: yeah, you got to move, bro. Get out of here.  So what kind of information, if I’m just going to give you my information, what kinds of things do do I have to give you in order to create a map for me?

Josh Dryer: So  way that we start things generally is all ask people.

what are you, what kind of questions are you interested in answering? If you have no idea, you just kind of want to know about your community. there, the, the report request form that I gave Jimbo, he’s gonna make available. That’s going to give me information for that will allow me to provide you with just a very basic map.

About your community. We could do a, we could do a map about, you know, your zip code, your County, your state, or within one mile [00:21:00] radius of your church. Three mile five mile, one, uh, 15 minutes of walking, 15 minutes of driving, all of that. And then I take that. That area. And then I could provide very basic demographic information about the people who live there, their age income, ethnic, concentrations, and then, one particular type of information I really like to give out, which is tapestry segmentation, that provides information about the people who live near you.

that’s generally used for marketing, companies like McDonald’s or Nike or whoever. it gives you characteristics about them. Where do they spend their money, where they vacation things they care about,

you know, causes they’re interested in learning about, things like that.

JimBo Stewart: So one of the things we’re really excited about is you have offered for all 15 of our listeners. They can get a free, uh, demographic reports from you. And so if you have stuck [00:22:00] around at the end of the episode, then you’ve just heard some really great information. because in, in other places, what would it cost to, to, to get this done? If they didn’t, have a friend that had a friend that knew you.

Josh Dryer: I mean the basic, the basic report that I would do, if you were to contact , that’s the software that I use or company that. that’s known worldwide. You probably pay for what I, what I would give you guys, maybe 500, 2000 bucks. And then if you wanted something very specific and customized, you’re easily up in the five to $10,000 range.

Bob Bickford: I mean, that’s amazing. And I, you know, Jimbo, I’m thinking, gosh, I want to fill out that form maybe first in line and then maybe can we do a bootcamp episode about like him giving me the demographics of my, about my church, right. And about just the area around our particular congregation and Josh, one of the things I just, you know, that’s, that’s stands out to me and it is, you know, I’ve served in churches [00:23:00] in Texas and Missouri and deep South Texas Corpus Christi, which is a coastal city.

And it’s a different, you know, composition of folks and then Dallas, which is different composition folks. And now in St. Louis, before of those churches in Texas and Kansas city, and each of those communities is unique and it seems to ask. Different questions have different needs, have different priorities, just have different ways of doing things.

and so the reality is, is that some of our guys may be in a situation that is different from where they grew up, the culture that they grew up in. It’s not familiar. Maybe they parachuted into a place where they, this is like this, the first time they’ve ever lived there. and ministry can, because it’s hard and because people don’t respond.

To what we might have been successful with in another setting. Can you speak to, to how, what you do and what you show these guys can help them be successful if they’re in an environment where they’ve never been before and how it can open their eyes, maybe to see the opportunities and spaces that, that God could use them [00:24:00] and their church in.

Cause I think one of the, the difficulties, one of the, one of the, I’ll say this, the, one of the lazy things we can do. Is to, to say, well, this is just, this area is just too hard to reach because fill in the blank. Right. And I don’t think that’s true because I think the gospel can be effective everywhere.

but we can’t use the methods that we used in Iowa in key West. Right. So how do you help a guy like me? If I just transplanted in a culture that’s completely different than mine. One that I don’t understand. How can you help me ask the right questions and think the right things and maybe pursue some things with the people God’s given us into our church.

Josh Dryer: Yeah. So, a couple of things come to mind. The first one is, I’ll use an example. So I was helping a church up in actually up in Ponte Vedra. which is a very wealthy section of Jacksonville. It’s like the opposite of where Jimbo lives like there’s Jimbo and then there’s Pando, Deidre. They’re actually opposite sides of the County.

but part of

eater it’s

[00:25:00] Bob Bickford: outside of the town that says opposite of Jimbo,

Josh Dryer: yes, yes. Yeah. It’s Jimbo goes there. Alarms go off. So part of eater is a super wealthy, area. And, I was in, I was doing some, some consulting and I was an interim pastor for them and also giving them some consultation as they tried to discover how to be more effective in this, you know, in the ministry there, the church itself was, um, composed of a group of people that were still very deep South.

And even rural deep South, these are people that own farmland before pot of eater was part of Deidre that sold that land to developers that were now, they were now very wealthy, Uber wealthy, but we’re still rural Floridians. If you guys know who that, you know, that type of people group is awesome.

Folks, very loving and they wanted to reach

their idea, for instance, in one of our meetings was, is to have a big, yard sale, right? Everyone’s gonna bring their junk, we’re going to have a yard sale. That’ll bring, [00:26:00] draw people in and I’m looking and thinking. I’m like, I got the information, the demographic information in front of them let’s look at what the people upon the Veeder like to do for fun and where they spend their money.

They don’t go to yard sales.  They’re not they’ll, they’ll bring stuff to your yard sale, donate it to you. Because what we learned in demographics is they care about helping causes. They want to use their money to help people, but they ain’t come into the yard sale to pick up,  you know, your old stuff out of your garage.

Right. What we should do is have a farmer’s market because they like, they wanted to have, they like organic food. they want to shop local. They want to help local farmers. That that was what they cared about, according to my research. that would be an example of what I would tell, you know, this is a group of people that didn’t really understand.

Their ministry context. We had the art sale. It wasn’t really well attended. And after the art sale, I said, y’all need to start a farmer’s market. I don’t know if they ever did, but I guarantee that thing would have been busting at the seams. They had the [00:27:00] land to do it. No one in that area had land. They still had a large property and a farmer’s market would have.

Ben gangbusters, they would have made money, you know, for whatever ministry they wanted to do, help local people and the people of fond Veeder would’ve come down the road. About six months after we talked about it, someone started a farm. It was huge.

Bob Bickford: Yeah, man. He’s like the Josh is like the kind gentle, redeemed and saved the Gordon Ramsey. He can come in and tell you. What not to do and what to do and make you guys successful. And in also many ways I liked this guy. I think he’s really great.

JimBo Stewart: Josh dryer has a unique gift to be able to rebuke you with a feather pillow. And you don’t, you don’t even realize you’re being rebuked. You’re you’re like, man, he has great ideas. And then you’re like, wait, I think he just told me that I’m a

moron. I think.

I think it just tells me everything I’m doing is wrong, but he also gave me all [00:28:00] the ways to do it. Right. no, Josh is a great friend. His, his, he, uh, married up his wife is, uh, twice as cool and awesome.

Bob Bickford: Okay.

Josh Dryer: blind.

JimBo Stewart: And then he has some beautiful daughters that a little plug you can buy, their earrings. They have an Etsy shop that I didn’t even, I wouldn’t complain on bringing that up, but I’ll drop a link to that in the show notes and you can get it.

Or, or, or you could just buy some for your wife. the other option.

Hey, this has been great, Josh.  What we’d like to do is Bob had a great idea. We’ll have Bob. Fill out a form. You give him some demographics and then let’s do a part two after that at some point where you just come on and help him.

Josh Dryer: I can’t like just the idea of being,  of how of consulting or helping the great Bob Bickford is enough. For me, I’m going to do a screenshot and that’s going to be my Facebook

profile me with Bob, just [00:29:00] in the same screen. That’s all I need.

Bob Bickford: you did not listen to a couple episodes ago. Jimbo gave me a name and even put a Facebook or Twitter poll. And I don’t, you have not revealed the results of this, but he said, what should I be called? Should I be called the golden guru? Beautiful Bob Bickford or below average, Bob Bickford. The below average one, I’m thinking that’s what one, he’s just not told me yet because he doesn’t want me to be offended.

JimBo Stewart: I can look it up right now. What one was the golden guru.

So you are officially the golden guru, Bob Bickford. all right, guys. Thank you. for being a part of this. Thanks for coming on Josh. We’ll see you next episode. And maybe soon we’ll be having Josh back on for part two of demographics. Yeah. So if you want the free demographics report, then we will have that in the show notes and on our website somewhere.


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