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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

The Birthday Episode is here!  52 Episodes under the belt!  Jimbo and Bob are still friends and we still have a few listeners. This episode has us celebrating some of the highlights of the past year.

One of Bob’s favorite episodes was EP3# How Not to Lead Facility Changes take a listen to how Jimbo remodeled a room with a chain saw.

Jimbo enjoyed a major break down in the “flow” of conversation in EP# 49 Situational Leadership when Bob Bickford didn’t Bob Bumgarner when he said; “Sit Lead” rather quickly.

One of our favorite guests was former SBC President, Dr. Fred Luter, he explained how he grew the church by reaching men with a PPV Fight night in the parsonage and kicked out Robert from Robert’s Rules of Order. EP #9 The Luter Replant Legacy Pt. 1

A sleeper episode and the Longest Edit award goes to EP#16 Rebranding and Replanting when Rodney Richardson dropped in to talk branding and the purpose of design and ministry. Bob gave Rodney a hard time about designing the Ole’ Miss Landshark.

Shout out to Dr. James Hawkins who did a couple of Episodes on Emotional Health and Leading Well during times of Racial Tension.

Thanks to Corey Davis for sticking with us and grabbing internet from the driveway of one of his Deacon’s homes. EP#52

Shout out to Jesse Peters who owns the most listened to Bootcamp Episode #2 Advice for Replanting Residents and Rookies

Other favorite guests: Walker, the Velvet Hammer, Armstrong and of course Mark Clifton, our teammate Kyle Bueermann.

We’re thankful for our wives, who dropped in for EP#18 Replanter Wives-The Unsung Heroes of Replanting. Replanter-remind your wife about the Replant Wife’s Facebook Group!   One of the bonus events from that event was our breakfast at Brother’s Taco House!

Our buddy Evan Skelton gets the “best voice” award-we’re honestly Jealous!

One of the most helpful podcasts we remember was with Keelan Cook who stopped by to talk about the Four Fold Panorama and it’s application for Replanting, check it out in EP#23

We loved talking to Min Lee in EP#26, the Replanter of the Year-he has a great story!

And you, our listeners, we are thankful for you!!  Be sure to leave a review, drop us a line and let us know how the Bootcamp has been helpful to you!

Where would we be without our sponsor, One Eighty Digital thanks for being part of this adventure with us!  If you need a website-give them a shout.

Jimbo Stewart

Replant Bootcamp Co-Host

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