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Episode #36 – Making Decisions When The Path Is Not Clear

Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp
Episode #36 - Making Decisions When The Path Is Not Clear

The guys take some time to talk about the difficult decisions we are facing as Replanters/Pastors in reopening the church. If you’re weighing all the options, if you are frustrated and concerned, the guys will give you some encouragement.

Are you a Pastor struggling with the many competing voices regarding how you should lead and what you should do about reopening the church? 

Here’s a diagram that was super helpful to the guys which was first seen by us on Craig’s social media. The origin of the graphic is original to another source (if you know-let us know) but h/t Craig Tuck


Q: How do we make decisions when the path isn’t clear?

What are my legal requirements?  Romans 13 is a good guide for us in thinking through what is required by us.

Pray and ask for wisdom: James 1:5

Survey your people-find out where they are.

Be discerning about the sources you listen to for advice/counsel.

Take it one day at a time: James 4:13-16

Choose your sources wisely: avoid inflammatory and divisive voices. 

Take care of yourself (rest, renewal, silence, solitude, reading God’s word, taking a break from ministry)

Involve others in the decision making process to enlarge your understanding of the issues you are facing.


Check out all the great resources from the Charleston Baptist Association 

Avoiding Conflict as You Reopen Your Church, a great resource from Replant Team member Steve Dighton.

Consumer Corona Virus Conflicts mentioned by JimBo

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Jimbo Stewart

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