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Episode #33 – Leading in the Aftermath of a Crisis with Special Guest Joe McKeever

Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp
Episode #33 - Leading in the Aftermath of a Crisis with Special Guest Joe McKeever

The guys welcome Dr. Joe McKeever to the bootcamp. Joe shares some great wisdom from his years of experience as a Pastor and as a Director of Missions in New Orleans. 

 Q: What is it like to lead in the aftermath of a crisis?

J: Crises never announce themselves, you have to be prepared ahead of time. For example, in the 90s the Wedgewood shootings and how Dr. Al Meredith handled all the interviews. I asked him about it and he said; “I didn’t know what I was saying-I was so tired.” I think that is evidence of Matthew 10-God gave the words. When did he prepare? When he got up in the morning and opened up the word.


Q: What are the key elements of a Leader’s relationship with the Lord?

 J: Your past experiences always prepare you for your present challenges. Difficult pastorates, suffering, battle scars all helped me in the challenges I faced.


Q: What advice do you have for a local pastor who is dealing with the polarization of response to a crisis like Covid19?

 J: Stay on your knees in prayer, be informed, connect with other Pastors and find out what they are doing. I would also stay close to my leaders at church—gather them on zoom and ensure we have unity.


Q: How do you continually develop as Leader?

J: I would be afraid of any leader who acted like they know everything. I admire humble leaders. One of the keys is to read widely-from a variety of sources. For instance, I’m reading the journal of a Christian German woman from WWII.


Q: How can we continue to safely and wisely minister to our church members who may still be shut in and slow to return poste Covid19.

J: Keep contacting them, mobilize leaders and ensure you speak to them personally. Write notes-people save and keep handwritten letters.


Q: As we regather the church what is important for a leader to do in those first few weeks?

 J:Stay informed, know what your local officials are saying, stay close to your key lay leadership, connect to your people. Make decisions, don’t wait for a poll, the recipe for misery as a Pastor is to wait till everyone is happy.


Q: What are some other great things happening right now in the Church that should continue?

 J: Suffering has come to us here in America-that is a good thing. We, as the church, have been lulled to sleep We should not go back to business as usual.

 During Katrina I told guys this; “If there is a program you want to stop-stop it. If there is something you want to start, start it.”


Q: What would you say to the guys who are concerned about the viability of their congregation in the future?

J: Some will have to start all over again-from scratch. Another thing, if you know someone who is in need? Send them money-we sent some money from our stimulus check the other day.


Joe dropped some great lines as we closed:

 Leadership really earns the right to be called leadership when there is a Crisis – we’re in a crisis! When you step up and say this is the way we should go-and people follow-you’re a leader.

 Anyone can lead a group in the way it was going.

 Judges 5:2 When the leaders lead in Israel, when the people volunteer, blessed be the Lord.

 When leaders are leading, and people are volunteering you can get things done!

 Sometimes you have people volunteering and no one leading

 Where there are no leaders leading, or volunteers volunteering the church is dead.

 Check out Dr. Joe’s blog here: Pastor Joe McKeever

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Jimbo Stewart

Replant Bootcamp Co-Host

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