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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

Let’s get right to it, the boys break down some of the key insights from the 2022 Replant Summit held in Alpharetta at The North American Mission Board.  Also, a challenge has been issued to take on the hosts from Revitalize and Replant to a 2 on 2 hoops contest!

Now, on to the Summit insights.

  • Mark Clifton reminded us why we have doubts and the answer is a person named Jesus.
  • Brian Croft reminded us that the call to Pastor is a call to die a little each day for the sake of the flock.
  • Jordan Raynor reminded us to go to the author of time about how to manage time And he also reminded us to close our open loops.
  • Min Lee reminded us that God overcomes obstacles by using the body of Christ
  • Mark Hallock reminded us you teach what you know but you reproduce who you are!
  • Frank Lewis reminded us that we are carriers of hope through what we preach and who we are
  • Bob Bumgarner reminded us that we need each other, we are not to Pastor alone
  • Nick Ian Carter let us in worship, check out his music

You can listen to all the great presentations here: 2022 Replant Summit or sign up for the Replant Hub and watch them there

Did you attend the Summit? We’d love to hear from you. If you are considering Replanting we’d love for you to join us at Southern Seminary, October 28-29, 2022 for Am I a Replanter?


JimBo Stewart: [00:00:00] Here we are back at the bootcamp, Bob. I hope you’re ready for the next episode, we are post summit wrap up and catching up on all the great things that happen here in

Bob Bickford: Alpharetta. I mean, we’ve had a great couple days it’s been fun. We just had a fun dinner with, happy huggy Hallock and, Jeff de and Matt and Tiffany holdall

JimBo Stewart: We had several people come. We had a residencies round table. Mm-hmm after, we have a lot of residencies all across the country, met with a lot of those guys after the summit, just to see what they’re doing, see how God’s moving. And it’s really cool to see all the things God’s doing all across

Bob Bickford: the country.

Yeah. Yeah. Tonight I had some sushi with uh Hallick

JimBo Stewart: yeah, he’s not a very adventurous.

Bob Bickford: No, he’s not. He’s kinda like Clifton. Yeah.

JimBo Stewart: I mean, he’s not, he’s not quite as bad as Clifton, but he’s, he’s pretty close, but he, he said that you make him feel safe.

Bob Bickford: Well, it’s good. And maybe it’s cuz he hugs me so much that I make him feel safe, but, but we just, we want to acknowledge a couple things.

We, I think we’ve got a podcast feud going on with a lesser known podcast,[00:01:00] called revitalized replant with, uh, Tom. Rain’s got Tom rain, some old guys. I don’t, you know, so I don’t know what some think they used to do something I’m not sure about, but, uh, apparently Clifton. Clifton slammed us for, being millennials who like to eat at, adventurous restaurants.


JimBo Stewart: He had a, there was an episode with him and Rainer talking about, why small churches are coming back. Yeah. And they were talking about the generational differences with millennials mm-hmm and said that, millennials love to go to hole in the wall restaurants with complex menus and, and Clifton just wants to go to cracker barrel.

Or Bob Evans, where he knows what’s gonna be on the menu and he knows he can pour ketchup on

Bob Bickford: everything. . Yeah. And we, but you know what I Jimbo you’ve been with me and I’m a, as a Yelp elite Yelp elite, uh, I’m gonna be seeking out the adventurous, eats the local places, the Becks breakfast burrito. And here we are in alpha red, and we’ve actually had a gas station Reto, which has been pretty good, but here’s, here’s how I think we’re gonna settle [00:02:00] this.

We’re gonna challenge. And I. Boot campers, you can feel free to drop comments on revitalizing replant. Yeah. Let ’em know. On Twitter, Jimbo and I here by challenge mark Clifton and Tom Rainer to a two on two basketball game. Oh. And they’re gonna be skins and wear shirts.

JimBo Stewart: look, you didn’t run this by me. and I got a lot of questions

Bob Bickford: but Hey, I think your laughter is a sign of affirmation. .

JimBo Stewart: Question number one. Have you ever seen me play

Bob Bickford: basketball? It doesn’t matter. It’s mark Clifton and Tom Rainer

JimBo Stewart: question number two. Do they have to be skins? Cause I don’t know. I don’t know that I want to do that.

Bob Bickford: Look, I’m already. I wanna win the game before we even have to go on the court. So I think that’s forfeit right

JimBo Stewart: there. All right. Boot campers, you go tag revital, replant, you tag mark Clifton, Tom Rainer. You let him know, do it challenges on challenges on. Hey summit was really, really good man. Highest attended.

Yeah. I think we’ve ever had, yeah, well over [00:03:00] 200, in the room, normally we have round tables that everybody gets to sit at. We didn’t have room for ’em. We had to do theater seating, pack everybody in there. I know even some of the feedback I got was. I had no why we didn’t have round tables, but I missed it.

Yeah. but man, it was a, it was a really dynamic couple of days.

Bob Bickford: It was. And, and we had the most, ladies visit, the, the secu to the summit. We had, I think about 50 ladies in the WIS breakout session. So that was really good. And, a lot of good speakers. some familiar faces and, uh, we also ran into a lot of boot campers and here’s, here’s one thing that puzzled me boot camp audience is is somehow we were announcing the summit, like, you know, every week.

And then somehow maybe people turn the, boot camp off right at the end and miss the, the final, maybe. So stay to the very end. You’ll you’ll get the gold at the end, right? Yeah. It’s like the last drop of some good sweet, yeah. You know, sweet tea. But, they didn’t know that I was gonna be here. and at least a couple of ’em said, I heard your voice.

And I thought, wait a second. I recognize that voice [00:04:00] from the bootcamp. Okay. So I work at the north American mission board. I’m the associate director of replant. Jimbo is, a replant specialist working with, assessments and research and academics and all that kind of stuff. And we do the replant bootcamp podcast, not as a NA thing, but as you know, a thing that you started before you came onto Nam.

Yeah. But we work for. Yes, we do

JimBo Stewart: work for NA and we’ll be at the replay events. We invited you to the summit for like 15 episodes and you were surprised we were there,

Bob Bickford: but Hey, we are

JimBo Stewart: glad to see you. I’m not sure what to make of that but I was really glad to see you glad to meet you. Hey, uh, here’s what we wanna do for this episode.

one for those that did make it, and then two, for those that didn’t, hopefully at some point soon, we’ll have videos of the main sessions available. Uh, once we do, we may even drop the links to those in these show notes and yeah, I think they’re out

Bob Bickford: even now. Oh, are they already out? Yeah, we’ll put ‘

JimBo Stewart: em on the show notes.

Yeah, we’ll put ’em on the show notes. Really, really good sessions, man. All of ’em. All of ’em were so good. [00:05:00] And at the very end, Bob Bumgarner, who we actually did the last two or three episodes yeah. With, he was the final guy and he did such a good job of kinda recapping high points from each of the.

and I let’s just, Bob let’s use that as like a springboard. Yeah. And let’s talk about some of the high points that we learned. Cause there was gold. So listen to the gold and then go into the show notes, replant click on this episode, go to the show notes and look for links to the videos, watch the whole sessions.

And I really honestly believe you’ll be blessed

Bob Bickford: by that. I think so especi. Jimbo, I think this, the, the theme, was it reset and replenish? Was that it replenish and reset. Okay. Replenish and reset. so many pastors right now are really just exhausted and yeah, it it’s been hard. This, this summit, this, this year’s replen summit will be, really helpful for you, even if you didn’t come.

Yes. And you’re just gonna listen to it, like podcast it, listen, maybe devotional. one or two of these a [00:06:00] week, or maybe just, if you wanna space it out, this will really be helpful for you. So let’s get to the goal.

JimBo Stewart: What? Yeah. So the, the boss man himself, the well done, steak, ketchup pour and Bob Evans, loving international harvester hat, wearing sweater vest, wearing bluegrass, listening, bluegrass listening, tractor, loving antique collecting boss, man himself, mark Clifton started himself with, uh, he reminded us.

Why we struggle with doubts and that the answer to everything we’re dealing with, this is such a great way to start off mm-hmm that there is an answer and it has a name and its name is Jesus. Yeah. That is the an, I mean all these things ultimately, and it’s one of the things I love about the replant team is we continue to, before I was on it.

So what maybe love the replant team, is just the continual heralding of the gospel as the answer to what

Bob Bickford: we’re. . Yeah, I, I think there’s so much that happens in the replant and [00:07:00]revitalization world that deals with strategy and approach. And how do you change this and how do you change that?

That we, we fail to really understand what this is all about. If we move on past the fact that Jesus it’s his church, he died for it. He is the, the center. He’s the head of the church. And, the verse that I just always go back to is cautions 1 28 and 29. And the first phrase in the verse, him, we proclaim, right?

We, this is about Jesus, that it’s about him. It’s his story. And his story is not just something that’s for our head, but it’s for our hearts. And so the re planters who are really struggling right now and just get back to falling in love with Jesus and seeing him as your source, the source. The answer, et cetera.

I know those sound cliche, right? Yeah. But I think when we get away from that, we, we really, we find ourselves in a place to struggle. Yeah.

JimBo Stewart: Hey mark. Already put this one out on his Facebook for his Mondays, with mark. He put the link to this video so you could watch it there. You can check [00:08:00] it in the show notes.

So if that, if that gold nugget, what did your appetite like a well done steak does for mark Clifton then go watch that video. Next up is our good buddy. One of our best friends, Brian craw from practical shepherding, reminded us that the call to pastor is a call to die a little each day for the sake of the flock.

Mm-hmm . I was so excited to hear this one because I heard Brian speak a lot of places in a lot of different contexts and ways and, and he has a lot of great. in this one, though. He was nervous. He told me he was nervous. It, it was the first time he gave this particular talk. He’s been meditating on it for a really long time.

And he was excited for the opportunity to share. And just talked about why is pastoral ministry so uniquely hard mm-hmm and he says so unique. We had a lot of reasons that make it complex, but really ultimately the key answer is it’s so uniquely. Because a call to pastor is a call to die a little bit [00:09:00] each day.

Mm-hmm for the sake of the flock

Bob Bickford: and the glory of God. Yeah. In the, in the show notes, you can watch his, episode. And he said something along the lines of this, the Scottish pastor said something to him about, being a pastor and being an older pastor and talking about the fact that it was so challenging to, just have a broken heart, right.

Pastoring. And he said, you know, one of the tasks of a pastor I’m gonna paraphrase, I’m not gonna get this exactly. But he said die. Growing old with a peace, with a heart that’s at peace. Right. And, um, you you’ll watch it. You’ll listen to Brian. You know, Brian will say it as he said it, but I, I think, in my own experience when he was telling me, cuz I was, I saw him at Southern seminary and he was telling me about the gist of his talk.

And so in my mind, Jimbo, here’s what, here’s what I began to think of. I mean, to think of the relationships and the, and the hardships of pastoring people and the heartache of pastoring people and the fact that a little piece of. Was broken each time for a family going through a hard time or for a person who walked away or person who left our replant or for a person I [00:10:00] had a conflict with.

And, and so, so much of what I think Brian is, is just talking about that’s the reality, right? And so don’t be surprised by it, but come to the place where you can be at peace with it, that you’re gonna leave a lot on the, on the field. You’re you’re gonna bleed, you’re gonna have some marks. You’re gonna have some scars.

And so Brian, in his, his way that only Brian can. Did a fantastic job of breaking that down for us.

JimBo Stewart: Absolutely. If that nugget Webster appetite, then check out that video link in the show notes about Brian crosstalk. Then next up was Jordan Rainer. Awesome. not a pastor, never been a pastor. So why would we let him talk at the replant summit, man?

Because he was talking about one thing that seems to plague almost every single pastor. We’ve talked about it on here before we’ve referenced his. Redeeming your time, seven biblical principles to live wildly productive and present and, and purposeful with your life and got so much good feedback from everybody that heard that.

I, I got [00:11:00] feedback from people that heard it. I got people back from people that said, man, I wish. My pastor that wasn’t here, heard this, or I wish that my youth pastor, my youth pastor had heard this and I’m taking back a copy of this book, giving it to people. And, man, it was goal. He, and it really just kind of dipped his toes into the, those seven principles in the book.

and so then you really gotta, so here’s what I would encourage you to do if, if that’s, if you want to get better at letting your yes. Be yes. And not letting your to-do list, manage. But rather you manage it, watch that video, let it wet your appetite. And here’s the good news. You can go a little deep.

If you wanna take one step deeper. He has a, he actually has a new study on right now, media. You can go to right now media, if you have that, if your church utilizes that, or if your church doesn’t utilize that, just find a buddy whose church utilizes that and have him give you an account. And then you can go on and you can watch Jordan Rainer go a little bit deeper than even what he did with us.

But if you really wanna dive in by the. read through each chapter pretty quick, skim it, understand it, then go back one [00:12:00] chapter time and really work through it and start implementing some of

Bob Bickford: those The, these are all the things you should have learned in seminary, but didn’t yeah. Right. And these are the things that get you fired, because you didn’t learn them.

Yeah. Right. And these are the kinds of things that make you wake up one day in your middle aged life and go. I think I missed a few things. Yeah, right. So, so I loved, uh, I loved it super practical, super helpful. it was cool. We, we got to meet with him in the lobby on like so Sunday night, right? Yeah.

And, and, uh, what a great guy, what great insights. So man, pastor, don’t think this is dry and boring. This is like vitally, uh, life giving

JimBo Stewart: information. It’s so good. So go to the show notes, find that link to that video, sink your teeth into that next. We had former replant of the year. Yeah. Men Lee, uh, and, and Bob Bumgarner’s summer, he said men Lee reminded us that God overcomes obstacles by using the body of Christ.

man, men Lee’s maybe was one of my favorite talks of the whole thing. [00:13:00] He is, he is an enigma wrapped in a. I mean this guy deep

Bob Bickford: fried in a wonton with salsa on top

JimBo Stewart: this, yes, this dude is so awesome. So we’ve talked about men on here before. I don’t know if we’ve had him on here before. I think we have maybe, oh, we

Bob Bickford: might have, we did a re planter of the year

JimBo Stewart: video.

I know we did that. Yeah. So ley is a Korean American who has replanted. One of the oldest historic Hispanic churches in Los Angeles as a multicultural church. And then here is my favorite, like just to, just to add to the layers of complexity, this whole thing. Yes. That’s the university is a USC calls. Him says we have a bunch of international students that have never had an American Thanksgiving meal.

Will you as a pastor serve them. And he, a Korean American looks at his Korean American wife and. have you ever had, like, how do we do, like, let’s just make some Turkey and see gravy. Like they’d never had an American Thanksgiving meal, but he [00:14:00] was like, but it’s an opportunity to meet lost people. Let’s do it.

Let’s do it. uh, I think my other favorite story was the first time they used their Baptist street. They flooded the whole church,

Bob Bickford: cuz it broke. It was like an old, brittle fiberglass Baptist or something. Here’s here’s when I, when I hear men talk and we’ve, we’ve got to be around him a couple of times and hear him.

Here. There is no more joyful purehearted yeah. Godly person replanted than ly. Yeah. Right. And he’s just gonna find a way to reach out to the community. And he’s in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in all of, uh, And it has bad reputation and the Lord just keeps bringing him people and opening doors for him to do yeah.

Ministry in the community, whether it’s getting the library’s hand sanitizer, starting a jujitsu class in his church, starting a guitar class in his church, creating, uh, a youth group, you know, in, in his, um, his, his church because he’s reaching the neighbors and the neighbors are like, I’ve got too many [00:15:00]grandkids.

I need to send ’em away for a while. he’s like send all the grandkids to, so they have instant. Manley’s just one of these great guys. Who’s super humble. Super gracious. Yeah. And he follows Jesus. And so, um, man, what a purehearted guy. Uh, and, and what a, what an inspiration. No,

JimBo Stewart: I love him. So I, man, I highly recommend go watch that video.

You, you, you need to watch that one. Cuz he uses a lot of pictures from what God’s been doing there at his church. Go watch that video. It’ll bless your heart for sure. then next, starting day. Was happy, huggy, Hallock, mark Hallock with the cavalry family of churches. And he reminded us that you teach what, you know, what you reproduce, who you are.

And he really dove into, the idea of perseverance mm-hmm , based off of, he has a book on the perseverance of a godly pastor. And that’s part of the kind of larger Magnum Opus textbook that he has leading church revital. and so he dove into [00:16:00] that really walks very practically through why pastors don’t persevere and then kind of eight things you need to do in order to persevere.

Bob Bickford: The eight things were gold. Yeah. And, um, and it started with the devotional time. Yep. Uh, and, uh, he just spoke so passionately as mean how, I don’t think Howick never, he never does not speak with passion.

JimBo Stewart: I don’t know that he does anything, not . I know he like, he like orders at a restaurant with just Gusto and

Bob Bickford: passion.

I know he drinks root beer in my backyard with great passion. Right. So, we love Howick he’s a rare gem, that is just a super gracious guy. And so you’re gonna, you’re gonna love those eight things that he talked about. Yeah. That are keys to persevering as a.

JimBo Stewart: Yep. So definitely dive into that one and get the, get the book, get the leading church revitalization book.

It’s a really good one. Then Frank Lewis, who planted a church in Las Vegas and has done a revitalization at first Baptist Nashville. Now he’s a revitalization pastor at another church. Um, after he is retired [00:17:00] after yeah. His retirement is helping revitalize

Bob Bickford: the dying church. Yeah. I think his retirement totally lasted maybe a week.

Yeah. I don’t know.

JimBo Stewart: Andy got a DMN, I think in the process. Oh, he’s getting

Bob Bickford: like two certifications and yeah. Yeah. It’s crazy. Yeah. So

JimBo Stewart: he is, he’s a, he’s a good dude and he is just staying after it. Yeah. And he just wants

Bob Bickford: to serve churches. One thing I love about Frank is he’s new to us. Yeah. So I haven’t really been around him.

Clifton’s, you know, been around him for, or has known his writings actually for a while. And, Frank is a deep devotional leader. Mm-hmm right. So as he speaks. He speaks with just this, this undercurrent of devotion and practicality, that was really inspiring and surprising to me. Yeah. Like I didn’t, and I, I gotta have, I had dinner with him and breakfast with him and he’s just a good genuine guy and is a good listener and a good question, asker.

And I think his whole series on, on helping guys think about how do they preach with hope. Yeah. And what he talked about was super practical. [00:18:00] I think he said this. He was like, man, copy it and use it. And you don’t have to tell him who, who you got it from because nobody knows who I am anyway.

JimBo Stewart: I know. Was it really good? He was so good, man. He just reminded us that we are carriers of hope. So here’s the deal to wet your appetite on that one? if you think, man, I would love to preach about hope. What text would I. Preach about hope. And, and so what he did is, is beyond the idea of just like looking up hope in the concordance or typing it into Google.

He really took even beyond like, kind of, how do you look at that from some, different angles of forgiveness and all, I mean, what are old Testament passages? I mean, he literally gave like a masterclass on, Hey, if you wanna preach out, here’s. A two dozen text yeah. That you could use. And here’s how you could approach it.

He doesn’t give you the sermon. You still gotta study the text. You still gotta write the sermon, but this may not have been a text. You ever would’ve considered. Oh man. If I want to give hope to my congregation, this is a text. [00:19:00] Yeah. And he talked about, I mean, preaching through the one anothers and Hiba and going all through all these things.

Is it AIC or, or have cook? I’ve heard it both.

Bob Bickford: and when I preached to, I, I think I said Hiba. Yeah.

JimBo Stewart: That’s that to me feels the most, right? Not ha

Bob Bickford: cut. Is that what you said? I’ve heard people say it. Yeah. Well, there’s a camp called Ock Ahab or hock. HACU there’s a camp called Ock can Branson. Yeah, but it’s not.

Nope, not that it’s not. Haak it’s Hiba Hiba.

JimBo Stewart: There. We. All right. So Frank did a great job giving us some great sermon series ideas, go watch that video link in the show notes. And then the man himself, who’s been with us for several weeks. Now, the other Bob, we gotta release him back to his wife at some point.

The other Bob, brought some gold man and he reminded us that we need each other, that we don’t need to do this alone. I then he brought up so many points that I really. Illustrated that so, [00:20:00] well, yeah. Uh, one of my favorite things, he went through some Barna statistics on, things that Barna determined, lead to burnout, and you’re watching it and you’re kind of going, oh yeah.

Yeah. I mean, maybe I struggle with that. Maybe I struggle with that and maybe I don’t want to burn. And then you like flip the whole thing on his head with one question, which you like, this is Bob Bumgarner’s superpower. Bob’s superpower is to flip your entire world on his head with a single question.

Yeah. And so he did it, right. He goes a lot of statistics and then he says, what if these aren’t the things that cause burnout, but what if these are the symptoms

Bob Bickford: of burnout? Yeah, that was, that was gold. And it was a, a pivot then, for him to really unpack some really powerful things about, Helps us not burn out.

Right. Yeah. And what helps us last in ministry. And, and so Bob, Bob does a fantastic job of breaking all that down. And, um, I think it was a great session to end on because we, we were able to walk [00:21:00] out the door with, okay, these are some really good things and it all really just centered in around relationships.

And, particularly the, the thread that you guys have developed at, at the association in Jacksonville, don’t pastor alone.

JimBo Stewart: Yeah. . Yeah, I think one of the other things that, he did so well is he talked about how the apostle Paul, we think of kind of the apostle Paul as this dynamic, unbelievable hero mm-hmm of the new Testament.

And he did a, like a, literally like a word cloud of essentially Paul’s network of people and talks about, I mean, without an Annia, like Paul’s still blind. Yeah. And without barn of us, he has no credibility amongst the apostles. He just keeps going through this list and, and shows you like Paul, Paul’s not this by himself.

Pastor alone, minister alone, missionary alone guy. He, Paul is not the Paul we know without a village of people helping him become

Bob Bickford: that guy. Yeah. Every pastor [00:22:00] needs a friend. Every pastor needs a team. Every pastor needs. Other pastors leading around them and, and Bob did a nice job of that. And I, he put up a tic TAC toe square at the end of his presentation.

Mm-hmm with you in the middle, I think. Yeah. And then talked about who you need around you and, and so pay attention to some of the slides that he used. And then, especially pastors, if you are feeling, you’re like you’re in a place where you, you, you are depressed or you’re discouraged and you can’t imagine how you might go.

gaining people around you or where you would find support, take a listen to, to the podcast that, or not the podcast, but take a listen to the presentation that Bob put together. And I think you’ll be encouraged.

JimBo Stewart: Absolutely. you know, one of the other highlights for me was Nick Carter. Oh man. Leading us in worship.

Yes. man, that dude is gifted.

Bob Bickford: Yeah. We were singing original songs and hymns and. Funny thing. Nick went to Bible college with the pastor of the church that I attend. Now. I remember my pastor. Yeah. [00:23:00]Aaron and Morgan. He knew both of them. and so we, I posted on Facebook, just a picture of, you know, replant, some of it’s underway and, Aaron’s wife.

Morgan was like, Hey, we love Nick. I was like, holy cow. So. Yeah, the guy who’s leading worship is friends with my pastor and his wife. So it was really, really kind of a cool small world.

JimBo Stewart: Tell you one of the things that I I’ve noticed. I, you know, I’ve known Nick for a lot of years now and I’ve always appreciated every time I’ve gone.

He, he is the, missions and worship pastor at mercy hill church in Yuli, which is a replant of a church there in Yuli called that used to be called celebration. And, uh, Nick’s been there for a while. Here’s this really simple, but profound thing.

He does that. I think every worship pastor should. every song on the slides at the bottom right hand corner would have a corresponding biblical

Bob Bickford: passage. Yeah. I saw that he did that today. I

JimBo Stewart: love it. Yeah. He, I mean, every song he did, he had that. And here’s why I love that. It like, it reminds [00:24:00] us, I mean, we know this, right.

And we think we know this. We think our church members know that what we’re singing is biblical. We hope what we’re singing is biblical, but it’s like, You can almost forget like, oh, like, oh, we’re just singing some songs and you know, then we’ll get to the Bible. Mm-hmm but Nick has, it’s just this, this one little simple thing has just reminded you, Hey, what we’re singing is biblical mm-hmm.

like we’re singing. Maybe not exact scripture versus quoted. Sometimes we are, but sometimes the idea we’re singing is an expression of what you find in this

Bob Bickford: text. Beautiful. I, and I loved it. And, and I think there’s for the re planter out there too. Let me talk about something stylistically with Nick, the, the, for the re planter that thinks he has to have a full band.

Nick was just. a guy in a guitar, and then he had his, his buddy, his realtor buddy from Jacksonville mm-hmm Alex, Alex apparently is the [00:25:00] number one realtor, according to according Nick, I dunno if it’s

JimBo Stewart: true or not. He’s probably the number one realtor as much as we’re a nation’s leading

Bob Bickford: podcast. Well, we are the nation’s leading one of the nation’s leading podcast.

So according to page 97 of the SBC

JimBo Stewart: book of reports. Yeah. With a gauntlet of, uh, of a two, a two on two basketball game to

Bob Bickford: settle this well, D we’re gonna do that. But anyway, he just a simple guitar with a electric guitar backup, like, so two dudes up there, not a full band. Yeah. And the sound was rich and full and everybody was singing along.

Yeah. And so you can just have a guy in a guitar and, uh, it, it was, it was really good, both, both deep and content, the way he led everything was just really good. And, and, um, to shout out to all the folks who came to the summit, everybody was just singing with great passion. Yeah. And, uh, so much so that. You know, Kevin Zel saw it on, on, uh, Kevin Zo, president of Nam and Jimbo by and I work at Nam.

Right. So, Kevin saw it online. Somebody posted a live video and, and, uh, Kevin was really impressed. And, uh, couple of our, important [00:26:00] guys at Nam, uh, Georgia McAllen, the chief, officer of staffers, uh, chief of staff came down and, and was in worship. And so they came down, they saw it and they came down and they were just like, super, like, you.

Just moved by the, the re planters who were singing and, and really a lot of the re planters, they come from churches where, where they don’t get to sing with that many people. Yeah. That loud volume. Yeah. And, uh, and so they were just really rejoicing. And so that’s one of the things that’s great about the summit is the worship is, is just really the dynamic because everybody’s coming there ready to, to praise the Lord and, and, uh, just to part.

JimBo Stewart: Two more things to celebrate before we close out, Bob one, we had a replant her of the year Matthew cloud. Yeah. Matthew MCLE. I tell you what was fun for me with that is, I don’t know Matthew, but I know his mentor, Steve Dyson, and that brother is passionate about Matthew cloud. I’ve talked to I I’ve man, Steve’s become a buddy, like we text and call and, and he he’s encouraging to me.

We, I was helping get a re [00:27:00] planter of the year video ready and, and he was so encouraging to me and thanking me for that work. And so I, I snapped a picture as he was up there and sent it to him and said, man, well done, good and faithful servant to Steve, cuz he’s recovering from heart transplant and he couldn’t be there and mean he, he just sent me this long text message back about just how much Matt means to him.

So we might even link in the show notes, the replay of the year video. You can see that let. One more thing. We, I can’t believe we haven’t mentioned it yet that we have to celebrate. Kyle didn’t come even close to killing any of us.

Bob Bickford: Kyle didn’t give us COVID that’s right. Last year was

JimBo Stewart: a co we, we made it through, we made it through this whole summit.

Bob Bickford: now well to date right now today at 10, 13 Eastern time, we’re

JimBo Stewart: recording the day the summit ended. None of us got COVID yet. None of us have COVID. Now the next couple. Could prove

Bob Bickford: otherwise little tickle in the throat, little sniff in the nose. be cursing,

JimBo Stewart: Kyle, but we’ve [00:28:00] survived yet far. We didn’t have to have a chaos of Exodus.

Bob Bickford: Oh my . Oh, that’s right. Like there, we were two presentations in, I had just finished my presentation. We walked off the fortunately cuz we, we walked off the stage Clifton convened us. So I missed whoever last year was the first presenter I. Kyle had called me in the morning and said, I just tested positive for COVID.

So I’m on the phone with like HR and, and we can’t get ahold of because we work it NA yes, cuz we work it now. and I was on the phone with texting everybody. And so then it’s time for me to speak. So I go and speak as soon as I get off the stage, Clifton brings us all the. And, kicks a few of us out.

Who’d been exposed yeah. And so I, we drove from, we had to leave and it

JimBo Stewart: was just Andy ATS had to step in and like, yes. I mean for, I mean, look, I wanna tell you this about Andy ATS. Yeah. If you gotta have a pitch hitter, what a champ, Andy ATS is about as good as you’re gonna get. Yeah. That dude stood up and hit a [00:29:00] home run.

he was dynamic last year. Anyway, I just, we couldn’t end this episode without celebrating the fact that we had. At least within the schedule of the summit? No, we had, we did have one attendee have to go to the hospital. It turned out to be bronchitis. Yeah. And he came back. He, he finished us at, finished it out before he went home with bronchitis.

Cuz he wasn’t contagious. But yeah. Uh, it was, it was such a great time, man. It an honor to get to be with this. The next thing is, am I re planter? Um, in October at Southern seminary. Louisville. Yeah. Good prince. Love to see.

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