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Replant Bootcamp
Replant Bootcamp

This EP comes at you from the ATL as the Bootcamp bros were with their colleagues from the North American Mission Board.  Joining us for this EP are Andy Addis, Pastor @ Crosspoint Church, Hutchinson KS, Kyle Bueermann, Replant Team member, NAB Podcaster, guitar player and coordinator of the Replant HUB-a resource for specifically for the Rural Church.

The HUB is an online place which distributes digital content to churches in need of sermons and worship.

We’re really really pumped to hear about this great resource coming in March for churches in need.

Why the HUB? There a significant number of churches in the rural areas who are stuck, have a difficult time finding a pastor, need worship resources and struggle to get them. The content of the HUB is totally free and provided by Content Producing Churches who willingly give what they have away.

Who is the HUB for?

  • Rural churches needing worship and sermon content
  • Pastors in need of a break or looking to add content to their teaching times (Sunday/Wednesday Night)
  • The Church who is without a pastor
  • Churches who find themselves isolated or at a great distance from resources
  • AMS/DOM leaders who serve churches in need

What about worship? Yes! The HUB offers worship content from a variety of artist, one of which is Nathan Drake from Reawaken Hymns.

Sign up to be among the first to experience all the HUB has to offer.

Stay tuned to hear more about the HUB and all the great resources coming from the Replant Team of the North American Mission Board.

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JimBo Stewart: [00:00:00] Here we are back at the bootcamp, Atlanta edition. We told you last time that we would be here, ready to meet with some of our replant team members and hang out in Alpharetta. We told you we would let you know the joints we decided to eat at. So we’ve had some Papa dough, which is a, a go-to for the replant team in Alpharetta.

We, had raised Southern company. Right after we landed there near the airport, if you want some good brisket and the sweetest tea you’ve ever had in your life,

Bob Bickford: I about went into a diabetic coma. It was like drinking, sir.

JimBo Stewart: Bob had a spoon and he was just spooning it out of the cup. now it’s been good being here already, but then also we had a great morning.

a go-to when you travel with Bob Bickford, at some point, he’s going to find a breakfast burrito proceeded. And so you didn’t fail me. You found us a good breakfast burrito in a gas station in Alfaretta this morning.

Bob Bickford: Jimbo, uh, I just want to share this with you and the listeners. I, once [00:01:00] again, I’m on the Yelp elite squad.

we all bow down. Thank you. Thank you. So 40 years in a row here and, looked up and other Yelpers had recommended that L tacoria taquito joint in the, shell station. off of Windward Parkway and so Jimbo, you and I rolled in there, we got some burritos and you found a special drink.

JimBo Stewart: Yeah, it did not disappoint in the gas station while we’re ordering.

I look back and I see what looks like a 40 ounce of beer can with a skull on it. And it just says. Liquid death and like this heavy metal type font. And so I was in my nineties, grunge self pre-Jesus was interested to see what this was. And so just out of pure curiosity, I picked it up to look at what it was.

And it’s just water,

Bob Bickford: just water. It’s

JimBo Stewart: just, I mean, it’s just water in a can. and so it’s death to plastic bottles and murder. Your thirst is their slogan. And so I would like to say it was not any more or [00:02:00] less refreshing. Then other ice cold water I’ve drank before, but the branding was more unique for sure.

Bob Bickford: Certainly stylistic. So speaking of breakfast burritos, this reminds me of the time that I went with Kyle Bierman to Hutchison, Kansas, and I ran across a place called L road. And for those of you who don’t know what that means, it simply means this, the rodeo, the rodeo. So Kyle and I rolled in there and had just in Kansas and, uh, we had a football size burrito and it was two hands in the air.

Slap your abuela. Good. It was awesome. But speaking of that Hutchinson, Kansas reminds us of Andy ADIs and Kyle Bierman, who were working on the replant hub. And they’re joining us here on the bootcamp podcast today. So went to welcome Andy and Kyle,

Kyle Buermann: and by the way, all rodeo was also in an old gas station.

So there’s something about converted gas stations and outstanding breakfast burritos.

Andy Addis: Right. And let me tell you that before it was El Rodale, since it’s my hometown, it used to be called Saks fifth avenue [00:03:00] because you could get stack lunches and it’s gone.

Bob Bickford: Was anybody playing a saxophone while you were getting

Andy Addis: not that kind of

Kyle Buermann: marketing genius.


great branding.

Bob Bickford: So we’re glad to have our two guests. We’re here in Atlanta for, at home week for the north American mission board. And the replant team is gathering. And we’re talking about all kinds of great things for the future. One of them being a project we’ve mentioned, at our AMS training or DLM training that you’re going March, something called the replant hub.

So I’m just going to ask the question. What is the replant?

Andy Addis: well it is of course something new. It’s, something borrowed, something blue, right? A wedding of everything that we know, but in a new package, it’s basically a hub, meaning a center place for us to distribute resources. That will be helpful for churches who, are in need of very specific kinds of things.

So let me give you some of the language that we’ve been working on just the last day or two here. the rural church is often stuck in the [00:04:00] hub, provides tools to help them move forward. So if that is the case, what are the tools we’re talking about? A worship resource. Preaching and teaching resources, eventually other kinds of tools and things that will help a church that often is in that spot where they think they’ve tried everything or they’re having a hard time getting a staff member to come or stay.

but we can partner with them in a way that they can have other churches who are willing to give away the best of what they’ve got to help them. Produce and to thrive right where they’re at. So the hub will be this incredible launch of, resources to help the rural church to be engaged, partnered with and not isolated in a way like we haven’t been able to do


Bob Bickford: What is the delivery vehicle for these resources? For the rural church?

Kyle Buermann: So that’s going to be primarily a website. that’s the replant hub. so video content that comes through Vimeo, that’s been embedded on this website. it’s available for download in high quality format.

So if [00:05:00] 10 ADP all the way down to, I believe

it’s three 80. So if you’re,

if you’re in a place where your internet is not so fast, we have you covered. We, we got, we got download, sizes that are. Loaded on there with you in mind.

Bob Bickford: So high definition TV, and then also giant console TV. Yes. Well,

Kyle Buermann: yeah. so whether you have, you know, brand new, you know, 4k projector or 1980s, you know, kind of clunky projector, we, we got you covered.

You’re not transparencies, I’m afraid that’s not gonna work. So

Andy Addis: if you’re trying to watch that sermon on your flip phone, you’re in luck.

Bob Bickford: So online. People can go. And what, so how can they connect with it now?

Kyle Buermann: so if you go

to replant, you will see a video with Andy. Addison’s beautiful face on there.

My apologies, explaining a little bit about, the vision for the hub, and then you can sign up there for, to, to be put on an email list for some more information, and we’ll be sending out some updates as we get closer to the launch

of this thing.

JimBo Stewart: So speaking of the [00:06:00] vision of the hub, clarify for us.

why did you guys decide to create something like this? is it so that Andy can be in as many churches as possible? Is this really trying to build the indie kingdom here or what’s the vision behind the replant hub

Andy Addis: is absolutely personality during the mind take over the world,

Kyle Buermann: the ADIs hub here.

Andy Addis: It is not the Indiana sub. So let me, I think that’s the real question we met. We might’ve even should’ve started in that. the reason that we are doing this is that there are a significant number of churches who are in rural America. Desperately want to do more and have potential to do more than they are doing right now, but they they’re stuck.

And so it sometimes is because they’re in a place where it’s difficult to keep a co vocational or a bi-vocational pastor, or sometimes it’s just because the community that they’re in, has some hurdles that they haven’t been able to get over. So we decided that we wanted to make sure that. [00:07:00] The people of, the rural landscape and those churches in those small and out of the way, places which are still so significant that they have some resources that will help them and they can partner with that.

Aren’t going to cost them a penny. And I think that’s really important to know that this is because there are other churches who care about the kingdom and not their own personal expansion. That’s what you’re alluding to. and they’re willing to give everything away. Now, just imagine this they’re giving away sermons in video.

Graphic package their graphics packages. they’re giving away a gro group material that eventually the list will grow longer and longer. Everything that we can put on the website to help those churches not have to reinvent the wheel, but to partner with these other places that just want to care for them.

So imagine with me, if you will. a guy who’s just killing it. Right. But he’s by vocational and he has not a weekend off in three years. Cause there’s no one to no one to be there for him. Well, now he’s got a partner in ministry to cut him some slack on sermon prep to help him and maybe taking a vacation with his family and to [00:08:00] just give him a leg up so that their church can have some breathing room in the future.

it’s. It’s the hope that this becomes a partner for the rural church. It becomes a resource for the realtors. It becomes hope for the rural church and congregation to reach a potential that they have, but have never been able to realize,

JimBo Stewart: yeah, you described something to me one time when we were talking about this, that I’ve never experienced.

There are times, especially in rural churches that find themselves in isolation, where it has such a hard time getting someone to just come stand and preach the word, because of just a lack of resources and connection. And so what ends up happening is the people that are there gathered fatefully and some deacon will stand up and read out of a devotional or.

Read, just a passage of scripture pray. And then everyone goes home and that’s. And so I think about that and I think, man, this, this is where this comes so helpful, an idea like this, but even, you guys were mentioning Cal talk to us about like, what are outside of just Sunday morning [00:09:00]preaching? What are some other applications that you’re, you’re trying to see happen with this?

Kyle Buermann: I mean, obviously, you know, you think of a rural church gathering, primarily your things. Right. So those videos are there and there, they will be used in whatever capacity people who use them on Sunday morning. For vocational coeducational pastors who maybe have a Sunday night, a Wednesday night service, that that is an additional time of prep for them.

An additional Bible study. They have to put together, this can be a resource that can alleviate some of that and provide a, provide teaching for, either Sunday night or midweek service. And then with discussion questions, you can create a kind of a small group atmosphere off of that. the whole point of, the replant.

The website is that it’s going to be a video library. There’ll be resources loaded on there that churches can use in whatever fashion they need to it’s Sunday morning, as any machine that’s filling the pulpit, for a pastor to be gone, whether it’s in an interim time as a church of searching for a pastor who use, and they’re having trouble filling the pulpit on a regular basis, or even in a long-term situation where, a [00:10:00] church maybe.

without the resources to call even a Bible, occasional vocational pastor. This can be a resource, can be a tool to help. And so there, there are lots of different, ways that the resources on the hub can be. Uh, in the life of a local church,

Andy Addis: how can I ask you to fill in the blank tooth? Cause we started down this road doing this, and then we heard from pastors and denominational leaders that there was another need on the worship end of things.

And that’s been an interesting development.

Kyle Buermann: initially the plan was just to create sermon library. Maybe eventually come back in and add some worship. Well, as we started having more and more conversations, worship was really brought, I don’t want to say to the forefront, but right along, so it was brought to the forum.

And so that caused us to kind of step back and say, okay, this isn’t the, we need to launch with a, we need to make sure that we’re sharing resources. And so, uh, we have videos from Nathan. Great.

JimBo Stewart: He’s a, he’s been a guest on the replant camp. At some point

Bob Bickford: you offended him. I think about his chigger

JimBo Stewart: noisiest chair for a music worship guy who [00:11:00] makes videos.

He had the noisiest chair I’ve ever heard in my life,

Bob Bickford: but if you’re listening and you probably are, we just want to say, we love you.

JimBo Stewart: We love you.

Kyle Buermann: So Nathan led worship at our, summit back in, August here in Alpharetta,

Bob Bickford: also known as the COVID summit. Yeah.

Kyle Buermann: I don’t know what you’re talking about. Bob lamb.

Bob Bickford: I’ll try to kill me with COVID

JimBo Stewart: snowman.

Kyle Buermann: yeah, that, that was, I was not successful. You survived and you’re doing well. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. It’s so, so we had videos. a truckload of videos from Nathan Drake, and they’re all hymns that he’s done on the guitar. and so it’s all public domain where we’re able to give that

away for free, make that freely available.

We have some

videos that, the next the Baptist church has given us from their worship team again, hymns. and so we’re going to provide resources for those churches who would say, you know, we have a pastor or we’re able to find pulpit supply. That’s not an issue, but we need worship either on an ongoing basis or.

Churches who, who had experienced this with their pastor when our worship leader has gone, we don’t [00:12:00] have anybody that can fill in. We don’t have anybody that plays guitar when I’m sitting by the police piano. This again is a resource that you can use for that. And again, that’s Sunday morning, but if you want to add some worship to Wednesday night, but you’re, you’re coming to store out on, are not able to make it on a midweek.

This is a resource that you can use. And I would say just from my experience with the, with the videos on the, the, that, Nathan’s provided. They’re very singable. I mean, they’re not complicated. There’s not a, there’s not like an newfangled chorus that he’s thrown in there. I mean, they’re just hymns and in a single book, singable key.

and that will promote, I think, congregational singing current.

Bob Bickford: Yeah, I would say having used the hymns that Nathan has provided in our context at our church, one things we found was that our public domain hymns. So there’s not some copyright issues, but they’re also just really tastefully done versions of a classic hymn that almost every generation in your church will know and are people really warm to them.

And one of the things I just. As I would [00:13:00] stop singing just to listen to them, sing along with, Nathan. And so I just recommend these to you from, from a practical, experience with them and using them in our context. As we talked about pastors who may be wanting a weekend off, maybe they need a break.

and so obviously the hub is for churches. It’s for pastors. There’s also another crowd that the hub really has been put together for as a resource to introduce to churches in need. And I’m thinking of denominational leaders. So you’ve got associational, missionary strategists, you’ve got convention, staff.

So can you talk to those guys who may be listening and help them understand how would they interface with the hub and how would they connect churches with this recent.

Andy Addis: When it comes to using this resource, we haven’t talked about it at the infantry level, the ground war. Right. But then there’s a strategy.

That’s a layer above that. When you look at things at a, an association or a convention level where there is going to be some needs that are projected, not only in the realm of just giving a break to existing.[00:14:00] But maybe planting in an area where you have leadership, but maybe not preaching leadership, or you have a preacher, but you have no worship leadership.

Or maybe you’re looking at a revitalization where there’s a congregation who yes, they do need a pastor. Well, we don’t need it right now. We need a season, that we’re going to need to hit pause and actually walk through something. And a director of mission who went on a, an intentional interim for six to eight months with a church.

Well, they were locked into that. Well, with resources like this, they could potentially, have multiple. multiple engagements where they are doing the very same thing and revitalize revitalizing a two or three places because of the assist of the resources on the hub. So yeah, the, the, the opportunity for using these things is not just for an Alec cart.

it’s not, a YouTube free for all of. Find something funny or fun to watch or, it really is a strategic tool for helping in revitalizations plants and the potential reaching of congregations as it exists.

JimBo Stewart: So expand on that a little [00:15:00] bit, because one of the things that I like about this is it’s, not just, can we get some preaching on a video on Sunday morning or some worship, but ultimately a lot of this is going to lead to partnership between churches at different levels that can not only provide preaching on Sunday morning, but leadership and vision and true partnership and resourcing.

How would, how would this lead to this? We’re a church.

Andy Addis: Well, I’ll jump in on this. And then you go first. Uh, I’m a, I’m a practitioner. First. I pastor a church in Hutchinson, Kansas called Crosspoint church. And we’re a rural multi-site and what we have seen as we

JimBo Stewart: rural megachurch. Multi-site the only reason I say that is we’re excited to have a mega church pastor on the replant bootcamp.

First ever. I think, I think it’s, this has gotta be the first ever mega church. Well, now we’ve had Fred Luder, which Fred Luder shadows you a little bit, right? [00:16:00]

Andy Addis: Just a little, let me just say this. The only other time I’ve had a Nam employee introduced me as a mega church. Pastor, it came with this here’s the mega church pastor.

Nobody knows.

JimBo Stewart: Which is why you’re on the bootcamp.

Andy Addis: That’s right. That’s right. now we’re talking about, well, that was a partnership. This kind of resource is not just meant to be throwing spaghetti on a wall and hoping something sticks over there. The actuality is that we’re looking at resourcing the rural church because one of the biggest needs in rural ministry is to remove the barrier of.

So the resources are there, but also there’s an opportunity for relationship. And if you want to talk about it in just, you know, more, more tangible terms using the hub will be like dating, but you could actually find one of those churches. One of those ministries that you really resonate with, and man, you can get into.

and then if there were a need in the future, maybe it’s through just friendship or partnership or even sharing resources. Now this [00:17:00] would be outside the hub. This would be between that church and this church, but then there could even become a time in which the two are wed. those are strange illustrations, but to just think that are levels in this, that it’s not about the resources, the resources are actually a bonus that comes along with the relationship.

There really aren’t. This is, this is phenomenal. They’re really our churches and they’re really our ministries. And they’re really our pastors whose dreams and ambitions are bigger than just seeing their own church grow. But they really want to see a church thrive, even if it’s under a different banner, a different name, and if they can be a part of that, that’s being a part of the kingdom.

This is all.

Kyle Buermann: heart behind all this I would say is, churches helping. So, I mean, as far from the replant team from Nam we’re, we’re not creating the content that’s going on there. We are finding churches that are already doing this. They’re already providing this content and are willing to give it away to help other churches.

So we’re just, we’re providing the vehicle for churches to help one another strip, [00:18:00] strong churches to help churches that may be struggling and being in need. And I’m so excited to have this resource to be able to, to connect. Those churches together across the SPC.

Andy Addis: And to, to make sure that we say that because we were joking earlier about the Andy show, the hub is not just Crosspoint church right now.

We have undisclosed, but when it launches, you’ll know, we have about five churches in total and we’re looking for even more content producing churches so that we can have regional representation all across the country. We want all kinds of flavors.

JimBo Stewart: So when is this going to be available for use for people that are hearing this, and they’re so excited and they want to jump on and get a breakfast burrito, liquid gas.

And start making plans when, when can they access this?

Kyle Buermann: So, we’ll be in beta test. And the month of February, we have some churches and association leaders that have signed up to, to beta test this, to help us find out what we don’t know as we get ready for it. And then, the plan is to launch this the week of March [00:19:00] 14th during the AMS lab here in Atlanta.

and to make it live that week, coming out of the.

Bob Bickford: So to know more, if they need to go to replant and they can watch the video where Andy explains it, they can click on the link below, sign up, and they will be in the queue to receive the latest and greatest information as the replant hub rolls out.

And that’s exciting. Lots of good stuff coming up in March.

JimBo Stewart: What’s exciting about that too, is that. This website is being built by none other than the proprietary sponsor of the replant bootcamp, 180 digital and the brilliance of Wesley Lewis and his team there, as they’re bringing a great product to all of this.

And so just to summarize, man, there’s been, there’s been a lot of things out there that claim to help churches, and there’s been a lot of opportunities to grow and learn how to approach. through COVID I think we’ve all learned a lot of things. And in the midst of this, the essence of what I’m [00:20:00]hearing is we have a heart to see isolated and under-resourced churches be helped and partnered with, by other churches and men.

There’s so many applications to this that I can think of. Like we’ve said the Bible, occasional guy, Phil, on, in, on Sunday nights or Wednesday nights, or when he’s on vacation, I even think of. We talked, Bob and I talked to churches all the time that are having the first conversation with a dying church that wants to be replanted.

So they’re trying to figure out how to do that. They don’t know who yet would preach there. And so maybe this fills the gap for a little while, while they figure some of those things out. There’s so many different pieces of application that could be done with this. And so check it out. Replant I’ll Andy to either you have anything else you want to add before we.

Andy Addis: Just this then I so appreciate the opportunity and that this is being built into the framework of who we are as the north American mission board, the recruitment team, because what this is saying, I’ve been, I’ve been a rural guy, almost all my life. I grew up in a place called great bend Kansas, because it was on the great [00:21:00] bend of the Arkansas river.

and by the way, what you can step across

Kyle Buermann: where that’s as creative

JimBo Stewart: as big band, really like a really great

Andy Addis: that is it, it isn’t grievance. So, so I love. And there are times that I know rural guys where we got to drive three hours to get our youth group to a concert. And we don’t have a camp. until we drive a state away, we feel alone.

We feel neglected, we feel overlooked. And this is saying, no, you matter where you’re at matters, the work you do matters. And, if you, if you can’t feel that with this effort, then you need to take some time to peruse the site, think about what’s happening because this is. shooting fireworks in the air.

It is raising the banner. It is, is throwing the flag saying, Nope, stop, listen. You are significant. And we want to partner with you. And as,

Kyle Buermann: and, and as the north American mission board, we’re able to provide this to churches absolutely free. There’s no cost to sign up, sign up, you can access all the resources that are on, are on the replant.

 and that’s one of the joys of being Southern Baptist, right. We can partner together and provide resources like [00:22:00] this, because of our collective family

JimBo Stewart: of churches. Hmm. Excellent. If you’ve got questions or anything like that, send us a line, contact us on the bootcamp, bat phone or social media. Let us know your favorite breakfast burrito or questions you have about the replant hub.

Andy Addis, Hub, Kyle Bueermann, Replant Hub, rural

Jimbo Stewart

Replant Bootcamp Co-Host

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